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Made It! Winner


As several of you may know, I’ve been entering some of my makes into the Made It! Monthly Challenge hosted by Maryanne of Woolhogs. Absolutely anything can be entered – knitting, crochet, sewing, paper craft – you name it, it’s probably appeared at some point. At the end of the month there is the chance to vote for the items you most like/admire. When voting closes a winner is selected at random to receive that month’s prize and a voter’s choice award is given to the person with the most votes.

Well, last month I entered my Cosy Cowls and was lucky enough to be picked to win the prize!

Cute copy

I’ve been meaning to blog about it ever since, but school/life/Christmas meant that I just didn’t get round to it sooner. I’m now proudly displaying my ‘winner’ badge (on the bar to the right). There is still a very little time to enter for this month, or you could just wait until next month if you prefer. It’s a good bit of motivation to get something finished (although WIPs may also be entered) and it’s great seeing what other people are up to!

Catching up


Things have been quiet on the crafting front the last week or so. Mostly because I’ve been either too busy or too tired to bother. But at the back of my mind is the niggling, nagging voice reminding me that I’ll be selling my wares in just a couple of weeks. I really need to listen to that voice, as I don’t have enough stock just yet. But my motivation is really lacking at the moment! Anyone got any tips on where to find some?!

I did have the bright idea of doing a few little cross stitch keyrings. I started with my own design for a Union Jack in pastel colours. Nice and simple and quick to make, right? Wrong.

It was simple enough, but I’d forgotten just how long cross stitch takes! (Or maybe it’s just me? Or maybe it was just because I chose really small aida ?) Anyway, it took a really long time to finish, and as a result I haven’t even started any others. Anyway, here’s the front…

…and the back.

I’m going to to stuff it slightly, but haven’t even got round to that bit yet, that’s how lazy I’ve been!

Anyway, I’m hoping for a good dose of inspiration/motivation to kick in really soon – any ideas on where to find either would be much appreciated!

On Monday I posted off the buttons that Maryanne won in my giveaway.

I included a little note with a button in the corner 🙂

Then I finished off the package with tissue paper and ribbon.

And today I had a lovely surprise from Maryanne herself – she’s nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award!

Thank you so much for thinking of me Maryanne (and please visit her lovely blog if you haven’t already – it’s just lovely, and very deserving of the Lovely Blog award!!) If I get time at the weekend I may even pass this one on, as I’ve discovered so many lovely blogs since the last time I dished out the awards and I’d love to share some of my favourites. Watch this space!



Over the last couple of weeks I have been honoured with some awards from some lovely people! It’s taken me some time trawling through my comments to find them (although I’ve appreciated each and every one of them, I’ve not had the mental capacity to deal with them all until now, and some go back a couple of weeks – but I think I’ve found them all in the end!) I can’t quite believe how many there have been – there are some super generous people out there 🙂

The first was an award I’ve not heard of – the Liebster Award. It turns out that Sara (from Sincerely, Sara who nominated me) didn’t know either! So it’s all a bit of a mystery, but fairly similar to others which are around in that you share a few things about yourself and then nominate others for the award. Thank you for nominating me Sara – I got round to mentioning it eventually!

This week I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award – on Monday I was nominated by Sam at The Giraffe’s Hat (what a great name for a blog!) and this morning I was nominated by Jill at Nice Piece of Work. Thank you ladies!

On Tuesday I received an email from the lovely Susan over at Crochet Addicts telling me she’d nominated me for the Sunshine Award – how exciting! This is another one I’d not come across before but I think it’s great, as we’re not getting much real sunshine at the moment 🙂 And later that same day I got a message from Melissa at Lazy Daisy Crochet, saying there was a surprise for me over at her blog. It turns out that Susan had also nominated her for the Sunshine Award, and she in turn had passed it on to me! So thank you very

All these awards say that you should share some facts about your life (the number varies) and then nominate a number of other blogs for the same award. However, that feels like it will take all day, so instead how about you have a look at the blogs of all these lovely ladies who passed these awards to me – they’re all well worth it 🙂 And once more, thanks so much ladies for these nominations – I’m glad you enjoy my blog!

(I’m slowly figuring out how to add things to my sidebar, so these may (or may not!) turn up on there soon…)

Versatile blogger award


Hello again! I wasn’t expecting to write 2 posts today, but I’ve just had a message from Rainbow Junkie saying that she’s nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you Rainbow Junkie!

Now, those of you who’ve been reading a while (and have good memories!) will recognise this as I was nominated for the same award 2 weeks ago by Susan (read all about it here).

Here are the things that you’re supposed to do once nominated:

  • Thank the person who gave them the award – done
  • Include a link to their blog – see above
  • Tell seven things about themselves
  • Nominate 15 other blogs for the award
  • Tell them that they have been nominated

So, I’ve done the top 2 (and can I recommend that you actually go and look at her blog – it’s just lovely! I especially love her newly finished hexagon blanket). But as for the other things…

I already had a real struggle thinking of 7 moderately interesting things about myself, and finding 7 more things would be really hard (I’m just not that interesting 🙂 ) And as Rainbow slightly bent the rules in only nominating 11 I think I’m allowed to do the same, don’t you?!

And I’m about to completely break the rules now and not nominate any more blogs – shock horror! Here’s my reason why – I don’t want it to be something I do just because the rules tell me I should. I think that kind of makes the award lose some of it’s meaning and specialness. Although there are more blogs that I follow than the 15 I nominated last time that I could nominate, I want to do something slightly different and throw things open to you.

Who do you think is highly deserving of an award? Is there someone who always shows off top quality work that should be recognised? Or perhaps a complete newbie who is sharing their learning journey? Or maybe someone who is just wonderfully inspirational? What I’d like you to do is nominate someone on my behalf – send them a little message saying that you appreciate their blog and the things they share and give them a link to here, or Rainbow Junkie (or anywhere else who’s been nominated!) where they can find the badge and the rules for passing it on. And please let me know who you’ve nominated – I always love discovering new blogs!

I hope you don’t think this is a complete cop out, or that I don’t appreciate the award – I really do! But this way the appreciation will be spread further and wider (and I’ll possibly find out about more lovely blogs in the process!)

Beautiful Blogger Award


I had little blog catching up time this morning and was reading through Creative Pixie’s blog. I saw that she had been nomintated for the Beautiful Blogger Award and thought to myself, “That’s a really lovely idea! I wonder if anyone will ever think my blog is worth of an award.” Then as I scrolled down I saw that I was nominated! How exciting! Thank you so much for nominating me – it really made my day!


Anyway, this is how it works – bloggers nominate their favourite blogs for the award. I was nominated by Creative Pixie “for gorgeous crochet goodies” 🙂

These are the rules:-

1. Thank the person who nominated you –  Thank you for the wonderful surprise of a nomination! I’m having a ball recording my creative endeavours, and loving the comments I get from readers.

2. write a few interesting (?) facts about yourself.

I’m turning 30 in a couple of months and swing between excitement (because I’ll finally be a grown up) and panic (because I’m not sure how to be a grown up)

 I worked in London for 4 years when I left school with London City Mission (and completely loved it!)

I passed my grade 6 piano exam when I was a teenager, but don’t really play any more

I am a teacher and love the flexibility of supply teaching as it means I have a lot of time for making pretty things!

3.paste the award on your blog – see above!

4. link the person who nominated you for the award – http://creativepixie.wordpress.com/

5. nominate up to about 5 of the blogs you like with links to their sites. (This is the really tricky bit for me, as I read so many wonderful blogs – how can I choose only 5?!)

These are the blogs that I love to read and why I have nominated them for the beautiful blogger award:-

Meme Rosehttp://meme-rose.blogspot.co.uk/ – nominated for giving her readers an amazing visual feast

Little Cotton Rabbitshttp://littlecottonrabbits.typepad.co.uk/ – nominated for generosity with gorgeous free patterns

Cozy Thingshttp://cozymadethings.blogspot.co.uk/ – nominated for completely yummy crochet

Stocki http://stocki.blogspot.co.uk/ – nominated for her fantastic Beautiful Blogger Blanket

Le monde de Sucrette http://www.lemondedesucrette.com/ – nominated for beautiful crochet work