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Crochet necklace


Ever since I made my vertical garland I had another project in mind. As I put the garland together I couldn’t help thinking that it was a bit like a necklace. Which got me thinking – why not make a crochet necklace?!


I used some of my new yarn to fill a lovely bowl with crochet balls (another of Lucy’s patterns – fab!) I love how they’re all different colours, but all work so well together. And they look all seaside-y and summery. Yum! Anyway, I’m getting distracted…


I thought about making a whole necklace with crochet beads, but thought that it would probably be better with a bit of weight to help it hang properly. I ordered some plain, unpainted, unvarnished wooden beads. And they work so well together!


I crocheted a small loop which (just about!) fits over a wooden bead. I made sure that there were two very long tails to thread through both wooden and crochet beads.


When it got to the right length (approx. 52cm/20.5in) I crocheted 3 chains to create a small gap between the neckace and the final bead. Even though it’s a very snug fit (I should have made the loop just a little bigger) the loop goes over the last bead to create the clasp.


I really love how it’s turned out! I don’t really wear big necklaces very often, and had this in mind as a birthday gift for a friend. But now I’ve made it I think I might want one for myself too!



Enjoying the little things


Hanging the washing outside for the first time this year.


Bright cyclamen in the sunshine.


New blades of green pushing through the soil.


A delicious cup of hot chai latte in a pretty mug.


A bowl of crochet balls in seaside colours.


Vertical garland


When I saw these gorgeous little crochet balls back before Christmas I immediately loved them. But with all things Christmassy I didn’t have time to actually make any. Thankfully things have slowed right down this month, so I’ve had time to indulge in all sorts of creativity just for the fun of it.


My original plan was to make a garland for another shelf on my bookcase (the 3 sets of bunting and garland of stars and buttons just aren’t enough!). And as I held it up against the shelf I was quite pleased with it, but it seemed like it needed something else. Whilst doing a little googling I came across this pattern for a crochet heart. It looked pretty cute so I gave it a go.


All went well until the decreasing stage. Suddenly I ended up with gaping holes that didn’t look like they should be there. And I also wanted the heart to be a little longer. So I pulled out the bottom half and made it up as I went along! I think (although I didn’t write it down, so I can’t be sure) that I did a round of alternate dc and dc2tog, followed by a round of dc (although the pattern is written in US terms, so all the dcs are scs), followed by another round of alternate dc and dc2tog.


Anyway, it ended up looking quite cute, although possibly a bit lumpy in places! And with a heart on one end it went from being a horizontal to a vertical garland. It’s now hanging on the end of my bookcase and looking ever so lovely.


Edit to add: I have just entered my gorgeous garland into this month’s Made It! challenge over at Woolhogs 🙂