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Made in May


Hello people of Blogland! How are you all? Did you have a lovely weekend? I had a great time away (more of that later) but halfway through the weekend I realised I hadn’t done my May summary – so here it is!

In May I have…


…recycled a skirt…

…played with fabrics…

…celebrated my 30th birthday with a giveaway…

…spent some time baking with a lovely Little Girl…

…spent some time creating with and for some very special Little People.

I hope your month was as lovely 🙂

Another birthday present reveal


Today has been a pretty lazy one so far. I didn’t quite get the lie in I was hoping for (although 7.15 is a lot later than I get up in the week) but I did get to stay in bed and finish my book – bliss! I’ve been doing a few things that need to be done – washing in the machine, tidying, sorting, washing out on the line, preparing Sunday school, folding and putting away washing. So it was a fairly productive morning, but I didn’t have to rush from one thing to another as I often do, and it didn’t matter too much when I got distracted from what I was doing either.

I had lunch with some of my family at a local farm shop and restaurant which was completely yummy. It’s at the top of a hill, so we had great views of all the rolling fields surrounding us.

And now I’m back home with my feet up and about to start a new book.

But before I get to that I just wanted to show you the other birthday present I made. You may well have seen some of the elements that went into creating it (but only if you read these posts, here and here) but this is what it looks like all put together…

My friend has recently bought her first home, so thought that her birthday present should be something that reflected that. I’m sure that she was given lots of practical things, and although I did ponder making something that could be used (coasters, table mats, napkins, pot stands) I settled on something purely decorative. I was really pleased with how it turned out, and especially love the little colourful windows and tiny button flowers.

At one point I considered stitching words onto it too (probably along the lines of ‘home sweet home’) but decided against it in the end as 1) I didn’t want to ruin it by adding too much and 2) I ran out of time. If I make something similar (and I’m sure I probably will at some point) I may well add words, but I think this little picture turned out to be pretty lovely just as it is.


Being nosy


I don’t know about you, but I’m quite a nosy person. I used to tell Mum off for being nosy, always wanting to know where I’m going and what I’m doing. But I think I’m probably just as nosy now! I love looking at people’s houses, seeing the things they choose to have in their homes and the way they decorate them. All those TV programmes about house makeovers and interior designs are just brilliant!

And I love knowing what people get as presents too, either for birthdays or Christmas, just in case I can find some inspiring ideas for other people. So I’m going to you the chance to be nosy too – here are some of my birthday presents…

What lovely people I have in my life to give me such wonderful presents!

This beautiful mirror was made by my lovely friend who said that I’d inspired her to do something creative. And there are some special stories in some of those tiny tiles too, which makes it even more special.

It’s signed and dated too, which is great for when I start losing my marbles and can’t remember how old I was when I received this fantastic gift!

I very nearly bought this magazine the other day – so glad I resisted the temptation! It’s full of lovely ideas (a lot of union jack themed items) and great tips for selling which should be useful.

And did you notice the pink camera in the corner? How exciting! Obviously I had to use my old one to take the photo of it (and I don’t have a memory card for it yet) but hopefully it’ll take some better quality photos. It has about a million different settings though, so please bear with me as I experiment with it over the next few weeks.

One more thing I wanted to show you – my birthday cake!

When I was 7 my aunt made me a castle cake which was always my best ever. So Mum decided (as it was a special birthday) to make me another one – and this one has pink glitter! Who says being 30 means being grown up?!



It seems like a lot of people were born on 25th April. I can think of at least 6 people without even trying. But of all those, only 2 got presents from me. I have just popped round to my friend’s house to drop off Bun Bun for Little Girl. And I think she liked it (although she’s pretty overtired, and her brothers are completely hyped up!) – the first thing she did was start playing with the buttons and poppers. Mum and Grandma loved it too – I may have to make bunnies for them too!

The other person to get a present is my lovely friend Helen. She has fairly recently bought a brand new house, so I decided to make something pretty and practical – a pin board!

Her favourite colour is blue, and her kitchen is full of blue and white spotty things, so the white/cream buttons seemed like a good idea. The board will take pride of place in her kitchen next to the sink, just right for pinning up all those odd bits of paper that need to be put somewhere.

It is a completely wet and windy kind of day, but Helen and I decided to brave the weather and go to the beach. We headed to Lyme Regis, where it was surprisingly sunnyish (for an hour at least). Sadly I forgot to take my camera – there were some truly spectacular waves breaking over the cobb. We weren’t brave enough to actually walk along it, but as we saw some people get very wet I think that was probably a good thing!

We also found a lovely little cafe called Aroma which has amazing gluten free cakes – they were completely yummy! We also had a little potter around the shops. There are so many pretty shops in Lyme – it was complete bliss. I was fairly self controlled though, and only came back with a skirt – a bargain find in a charity shop. It’s fairly thin cotton, but beautiful patterns and will make a very nice cushion cover. I’ll line it with plain cotton to make it stronger and probably add ribbon or lace in places too. And there will probably be enough over to make a few other pretty bits and pieces. I can see it very clearly in my mind, but whether or not it turns out like that is anyone’s guess. Anyway, have a look…

And some close ups…

I especially like this panel with the writing. 

Pretty isn’t it? Hopefully I’ll manage to actually make the cushion cover, rather than just plan it in my head!

Oh, and on the subject of birthdays, don’t miss your chance to enter the Big 30 Giveaway in celebration of my 30th – you still have a couple of weeks 🙂

Short and sweet


I’ve had  a lovely afternoon being creative. But I can’t show you anything yet because I’ve been making birthday presents! I’ve taken pictures so once they’ve been given I’ll let you know what I’ve been up to 🙂

In the meantime, pop over to this post and enter my birthday giveaway (if you haven’t done already) for a chance to win all these goodies!