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Today I have…


…enjoyed working on my chunky granny blanket.


…unpacked two more boxes of books…


(…but it’ll still be a while before the room is properly sorted out!)


…found two friends hiding in boxes.

DSCN2451 DSCN2452

…enjoyed my favourite flowers in colourful vases.


…curled up with a good book.


What have you done today?

Giveaways galore


Good afternoon, how are we all today? Hope you’re all enjoying a chilled out and relaxing Saturday.

That’s how my day started – waking up naturally for a change (I love when there is no alarm nagging me to get out of bed) then reading in bed for probably an hour or more before I got up. Bliss.

Things have gone downhill since. I have spent most of my time today on lesson planning and preparation either for school or Sunday school. And it’s still not all finished. But that’s what Sunday afternoons are for, right? Finishing all the school work last minute that has been put off all week. I don’t think there’s too much left to do thankfully, but I really can’t face any more right now.

So, on to happier, more exciting things.

Firstly, a new commission. I was having coffee with a group of ladies from church yesterday afternoon at the lovely Monks Yard (2nd time in 2 weeks – this is becoming something of a habbit!) Anyway, I took along a crochet project (the one I gave you a little peep of here) to work on while we chatted. I’ve finally got to a point with crochet where I don’t need to obsessively stare at it the whole time in case I get things wrong. Now a glance every few stitches is sufficient, meaning that I can hold a conversation without looking like I’m being really rude and avioding all eye contact.

Anyway, I was merrily stitching away when the lovly lady next to me asked if I’d make a small blanket for a baby basket her granddaughter plays with when she visits. So I got started before tea, then finished it off whilst watching a dvd with a friend in the evening. (We watched Under the Tuscan Sun. It’s one of my favourite films just because of the scenery, and it makes me want to visit Italy every time I see it.) I also finished the other project, and will show you pics when it’s been given to my friend!

I loved this as it was so quick to make – very satisfying. I still have to sew in the ends, but that shouldn’t take too long.

Moving on to this morning…

I was just about to step out of the door when I noticed this lovely looking parcel lying on the door mat.

Isn’t that just the most lovely padded envelope you’ve ever seen?! It seemed like my birthday all over again! I ripped it open…

…and peered inside.

It was the book I won in Hannah’s giveaway.

And tucked inside the front cover was this little letter on lovely paper…

Hannah you have beautiful handwriting – I’d love to be able to write like that! Thank you so much for your generous giveaway 🙂 I’m really looking forward to reading it (I’ll let you know what I think!)

And finally, the result of my giveaway! Here are the names of all the lovely people who commented…

and being mixed up (I decided to use the Padded Envelope of Wonder today, instead of the High Tec Hat).

And the winner is…

Maryanne, from Woolhogs. Congratulations! Email me your address and I’ll pop your buttons in the post 🙂

Oh, and before I forget, I’ve just set up a facebook page! There’s not much on it at the moment, but I’m hoping to add more over the next couple of days.

I’ve also been honoured with a couple of awards this week – it’s very exciting, but I think they need a post of their own…

Buttons and a book


After a full on day of planning it was nice to have a bit more of a chilled out day yesterday. I went net curtain shopping with Mum (fun times!) then we headed to Monk’s Yard for coffee and lemon drizzle cake – yum! I then spent the afternoon working on my button order whilst catching up with The Big Bang Theory. I needed to push the backs of some of the buttons on more firmly, so spent a while doing that, until my hands got too sore! The teeny tiny buttons may look cute, but they sure dig in when you press on them!


But I now have 47 fully finished buttons, plus 12 more waiting to have the backs pushed on (I’ll wait a couple of days before I try this again!)


I also have a nice little pile of 12 circles with buttons sewn on ready to be made up.

As well as buttons I’ve started another crochet project. I can’t show you yet what it is, as it’s a present for a friend, but here’s a little peek at the crochet goodness…

And finally, do you remember that I entered a couple of giveaways on Thursday? (It was something to do in between planning lessons!) Well, I actually won one! I’ve never won a giveaway before and I’m super excited 🙂 The lovely Hannah over at not your average crochet is sending me this book.

I’ve not heard of this author before, so I have no idea what these books are about, but Hannah loves them and thinks they closely rival Harry Potter – so they must be good! I’ll let you know what I think wen I’ve started reading.

Enjoy your weekend everyone 🙂



I’ve just got in from school, was briefly checking through my emails and found I had quite a lot of comments on various posts here. It turns out that I’ve been mentioned on another blog – how exciting!

You may remember that I made a couple of crochet squares for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket (mentioned right at the bottom of this post). It turns out that today Jill showed pics of the squares I sent her – have a look here. Anyway, it seems that at least one person has clicked across from there, and I have a couple of new followers too – welcome to my crafty journey, it’s lovely to have you here!

As I’ve been working all day I’ve not made anything yet, but hope to have a slightly productive evening. Sort of once a month ish a group of friends come round and we craft together. I say sort of once a month – that’s kind of the plan, but sometimes life gets in the way and we’ve not actually met since Christmas! Represented are all crafts and all abilities, so it’s great to see what others are up to, swap ideas and generally have a good old natter over tea and cake.

The books are out for inspiration, along with all the essentials (including a whole lot of buttons and ribbon!). Just need to drag out the box of fabrics and I’m all set for a creative and inspiring evening – will let you know what we come up with!