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Busy making


Once again it’s been a while since I was here. But this time I actually have a good reason – I’ve been busy making things! It’s taken me so long to get a good balance between school time and me time, and I think I’ve finally managed it.

Of course, it’s now nearly the holidays and there is a lot less planning to do at the moment (our Nativity has taken up a lot of time along with all sorts of other lovely Christmassy things) but I’ve actually had time to be crafty again. And it’s wonderful! I don’t think I’d even realised how much I’d missed it.

However, nearly all the things I’ve been making are presents, so I can’t show you much at all! But I’m taking pictures as I go along, so hopefully will have a lot to show you in the New Year.

Just today I finished making, wrapping and packing gifts for the Christmas Swap.


I’ve really enjoyed finding and making gifts for someone I don’t know – in some respects it’s been a lot easier than finding gifts for family members. I think there isn’t the same pressure of finding something they’ll like – I have no idea what Julie will like or hate so it’s a complete gamble! I’ve been looking at her blog and it seems that she loves Christmas, as there are all sorts of lovely Christmassy pictures there.


I really like all the things I made/found, so I hope Julie does too!


Apologies for the picture quality – I guess a lot of you are finding winter light levels a little tricky to work with too, but it’s still a bit frustrating at times!



So those are the gifts that will be making their way to Julie next week. How are your Christmas preparations going?

Christmas Swap


I’ve spent some time this morning catching up on blogs. I had more than 130 updates just waiting for my attention in my inbox! I’ve still got 93 to go, but am slowly getting there.

Anyway, one of the blogs I follow (noelleodesigns) mentioned a Christmas swap. How exciting!

I’ve seen a few swaps around, but never quite got around to doing one. But I just love Christmas, and making Christmasy things, so I thought I’d take the plunge and join in! The swap is hosted by Faith Hope and Charity Shopping (what a great name!) and you can find out all about it by clicking here, or by clicking on the link on my sidebar.

These are the rules…

  • You will need a regularly updated blog and be willing to post when you receive your items from your swap partner. Sorry to non-bloggers, but the swap is done on trust and some online presence does make things easier. Please don’t sign up and then disappear, it makes things very difficult.
  • Bloggers are welcome world-wide as usual. I will try to assign partners within the same country/continent but please let me know if you would be willing to send abroad if necessary.
  • As usual, you should send your swap partner a minimum of three items, a maximum of five. 
  • There is a maximum spend of £12 or the equivalent in your local currency.
  • At least one item – though more if you can – should be second hand, and  sourced from a charity shop, car boot sale, jumble, estate sale, eBay or similar.
  • At least one item should be handmade. If you are not crafty yourself, it’s fine to provide a handmade item that someone else has toiled over instead.
  • And this time, one item MUST relate to a Christmas carol or song. How you interpret this is up to you! 
  • One item could fulfil several categories. A home-made white fluffy pom-pom garland made from thrifted wool could count as handmade, second hand and represent ‘Let it Snow’, for example.
  • Sign up will close on 28th October and I will assign partners on the blog soon afterwards so please keep an eye out.

 Go on, have a look yourself!