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Cosy Cowls


Even though my life for the last 8 weeks has primarily been dominated by school, I’ve still been able to squeeze some much needed crochet time into my daily routine. I normally manage to do 10 – 15 mins during my lunch break which helps me to relax in the middle of the day. I’ve used this time to make up 2 more cowls. I made another Calm Cowl, this time using stylecraft special dk for the middle (I think the shade was plum) and edging it with Adriafil Knitcol (shade Dali).


I loved how it turned out, and gave it to a friend for her birthday.


I was also inspired by Tamara to make a Granny-style cowl. Tamara really is the nicest lady – when I admired the cowl and asked what pattern she used she searched it out and emailed it to me. Thank you again Tamara! The pattern can be found here. I ended up adapting it and made it much more like a granny pattern, but with 4 stitches in each gap and no chains between each cluster.


I love the colours in this yarn – they remind me of sweeties! This is yet another James C. Brett yarn, this time Passion Chunky, shade 3.


I really love it, but now deciding what to do with it – there are only so many cowls I can use at one time!


Quick Calm Cowl


Yesterday morning I was reading through the latest blogs that dropped into by inbox when I came across one that especially caught my eye. Mrs Patch showed the beginnings of the Calm Cowl that she was making. It was the yarn itself that caught my eye – I was given a ball (but in a different colour) for Christmas and had wondered what to do with it. The cowl seemed like the perfect thing! I found the pattern on Ravelry (Calm Cowl by Suzana Davidovic) and saw that I’d need to get at least 2, possibly 3 more balls.

So just before lunchtime I headed to my local yarn shop. I found the right yarn straight away – but not in the right colour! I then spent the next 15 minutes dithering, wandering back and forth along the shelves, picking up and putting down a multitude of different yarns until I finally settled on James C. Brett Monsoon, shade 5.

James C. Brett Monsoon - 5

I’m so pleased with my choice – the colours are lovely! And the pattern is great too. It’s very clear to follow and it is so quick to finish. I think it took about 6 or 7 hours all together (I made over half of it while I was watching Sense and Sensibility with some friends, and that was about 3 hours long!) and it’s great to have a project that can be finished before I get bored!

And here it is…


…and again…


…and being worn by my obliging model…


It’s wonderfully cosy and I’m almost looking forward to the weather turning colder so I have an excuse to wear it!