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Early cross stitch


It’s the last night of the holidays before I go back to school tomorrow. I really don’t feel ready for it! I feel like I could easily fill another two weeks with all the things on my to do list. But I suppose if I want to be paid at the end of the month I’d better go back to work!

I’ve really enjoyed all the blogging I’ve been able to do over the last week, but I know that will come to an end again for the next few weeks. I don’t even have any free weekends until half term! I’ll still post when I can, but in the meantime I wanted to show you one of my earliest projects.


It’s one of the many things I made that ended up at Granny’s house. Mum found it as she was clearing it out. I’m not sure how old I was when I made it, but think it was probably the first cross stitch I did on fabric without holes. However, the pattern was printed on the fabric, so it probably wasn’t too difficult!


I’m not going to keep it here, but not sure where to put it yet – so it’ll probably stay here for the next few months!

In the last 10 days…


… I have attended our annual carnival.

Because I grew up with this, I thought it was something that everyone did. As I got older I realised that not everyone had carnivals like we do! As a child I remember being bundled up in all my warmest clothes, walking into town early (to get a good space) then standing around freezing for what felt like forever. But it was all worth it when that first wonderful float came trundling towards us, dazzling us with hundreds of light bulbs and playing music so loud we could feel it through our feet.

I still love carnival time, although the wonder of it isn’t quite the same as when I was a child. But I still love wrapping up warm, finding a good spot with my friends and marvelling at the creativity of some of the ideas.

Some of the carnival clubs go for really energetic routines – it amazes me how they manage to keep going for the whole route. Others (like the one below) go for a still life. I always think they must get so cold just standing there in one position for so long!

There were five or six majorette groups this year. They had some amazing dances, but were impossible to get pictures of because they kept moving! Each group had a really wide age range, including some really tiny girls (they must have only been 3 or 4 years old) who mostly looked like they had no idea what was going on, but looking incredibly cute!

… I sent off a blanket to some friends.

This was a blanket I finished a few months ago. I started it after I found out my friend was pregnant, then added the pinky colours when I found out they were having a girl! Just a couple of weeks ago she gave birth to a super cute little girl, and I’m hoping it’s arrived in the post by now!

… I was given a thoughtful gift.

When my friend was on holiday in the summer she came across this cross stitch in a craft shop and bought it for me. Last week she remembered that she hadn’t given it to me! I haven’t done much cross stitch in years (with the exception of this Union Jack) so I was really excited when I saw what I’d been given. I’ve made a start on it already, but as I’ve only done cream stitches on a white background there’s not much to see yet!

… I have nearly finished a blanket.

Although this looks very similar to the baby blanket (and in fact the colours were based on some of those in the baby blanket) I assure you that it is a different one. This is the one my friend asked me to make for her Nan for Christmas. I only have 2 more rounds to go, not including the border, so the end is in sight – hurrah!

By the way, I haven’t yet decided what sort of border to do on this blanket, so if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear from you!

Jolly June


Here’s a bit of what I got up to in June:

I covered 100 buttons.

I did a little crochet.

I celebrated 50 followers by giving away 60 buttons.

I won a giveaway (and I’m very much enjoying reading my new book!)

I have enjoyed some beautiful flowers.

And done a few other random bits and pieces too.

I also thought you might like a better look at my patchwork picnic blanket. It’s slightly crumpled here as it’s just come out of the washing machine!

This is one of my favourite patches, as it has the pocket of the shirt.

And the white patches are made from some lovely, lacy looking fabric. Pretty!


Catching up


Things have been quiet on the crafting front the last week or so. Mostly because I’ve been either too busy or too tired to bother. But at the back of my mind is the niggling, nagging voice reminding me that I’ll be selling my wares in just a couple of weeks. I really need to listen to that voice, as I don’t have enough stock just yet. But my motivation is really lacking at the moment! Anyone got any tips on where to find some?!

I did have the bright idea of doing a few little cross stitch keyrings. I started with my own design for a Union Jack in pastel colours. Nice and simple and quick to make, right? Wrong.

It was simple enough, but I’d forgotten just how long cross stitch takes! (Or maybe it’s just me? Or maybe it was just because I chose really small aida ?) Anyway, it took a really long time to finish, and as a result I haven’t even started any others. Anyway, here’s the front…

…and the back.

I’m going to to stuff it slightly, but haven’t even got round to that bit yet, that’s how lazy I’ve been!

Anyway, I’m hoping for a good dose of inspiration/motivation to kick in really soon – any ideas on where to find either would be much appreciated!

On Monday I posted off the buttons that Maryanne won in my giveaway.

I included a little note with a button in the corner 🙂

Then I finished off the package with tissue paper and ribbon.

And today I had a lovely surprise from Maryanne herself – she’s nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award!

Thank you so much for thinking of me Maryanne (and please visit her lovely blog if you haven’t already – it’s just lovely, and very deserving of the Lovely Blog award!!) If I get time at the weekend I may even pass this one on, as I’ve discovered so many lovely blogs since the last time I dished out the awards and I’d love to share some of my favourites. Watch this space!

Craft with friends


Last night was a lot of fun. There were eight of us around the table (although it took more than half an hour of chatting in the kitchen to even reach the table!) We enjoyed some lovely, chocolatey nibbles, generously supplied by those who came. We drank tea, chatted and laughed our way through the evening.

Books were flicked through in search for inspiration.

Templates were made.

Fabric was rummaged through.

We had a range of crafts around the table – three sewers, making Mother’s day gifts, two knitters making blanket squares and a cardigan, a card maker and a cross stitcher. 

And I did….well, really very little! I was not feeling inspired at all. My mind flitted from one idea to the next without being satisfied by any of them. So I had a little rummage through my rather messy fabric box, hoping that something would just jump out at me. It didn’t. But I did find an abandoned project!

 I started making this as a cover for my journal sometime last year. I don’t know if something went wrong and I got frustrated, if I lost interest in it, or if I just put it down and forgot about it, but there it’s been, crumpled up in amongst all my fabric for all this time.

I didn’t do anything with it (too much talking and not enough concentration!) but at least it’s out of the box and may have a chance of being finished at some point 🙂

And talking of unfinished work, I still haven’t made any more progress with the jumper back of the cushion cover. Maybe tomorrow?


Anyway, today has been quite productive – I’ve made a curry and a cake for a birthday meal tomorrow and started making a present for a friend who’s expecting a baby. I’ve not got very far with it so far, but will post pictures soon.

And just to finish, one of the plants that was looking very sorry for itself at the beginning of the week is thriving by the garden doors, and even has some new leaves growing! (The other one is still looking pretty dead, poor thing)