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Diamond Jubilee Weekend


After a really crazy couple of weeks it was great to have a relaxed and chilled out weekend – a great start to the half term week! A friend and I drove from the West Country up to stay with some friends in Essex, one of my old school friends and her husband. It was very exciting as it’s the first time I’ve seen her since she announced her pregnancy! So we had a great time talking all things baby while the boys…well, I don’t know what they were talking about.

Anyway, in between talking about babies (and looking at scan pictures) we packed in all sorts of fun activities. We went for a couple of walks.

One of the walks started right by this church. It seems that this area of Essex is heavily populated with churches – it seemed like we saw one around pretty much every corner we turned. But I think this was my favourite (to look at anyway) as it’s just so picturesque.

And I loved this plaque on the back pew of the church, put up at the coronation in 1953.

My friends are also pretty big board game fans. They have 2 shelves completely packed with them in their living room. So we passed a lot of time playing games, often whilst watching some of the Jubilee coverage on TV. We were pretty pleased to be watching the flotilla from the warmth and comfort from their house rather than┬ástanding in the rain watching it live! (Oh, and on the subject of the flotilla, do you remember the masks we made with the kids last week for our own version of a boat parade? Well, the hard work paid off because the ark won 2nd prize!) Anyway, while we were playing I managed to get some sewing done too. I made a start on my latest order for 100 buttons, and managed to make 45 – nearly halfway – yay!

I also made up a couple of tulip type flowers – not sure what I’ll use them for yet, but they’re pretty cute.

Yesterday we had a tour around Colchester, walking around the Roman wall and hearing about some of the history behind it.

There was a medieval fair going on in the park. We didn’t go in (because it cost money!) but wandered around the edge looking at all the people in their costumes. These little girls looked so cute in their medieval dresses, and looked like they were having fun feeding the ducks.

And these little ducklings around the corner were just lovely!

Over the weekend we saw loads of flowers all over the place – and I took loads of pictures of them! Here are just a fewof my favourites.

We had a brief trip to another town (the name of which I can’t remember!) and I was surprised to see a house with the name ‘Prejudice’ on it. It seemed like an odd name for a house. Until I saw the house next door which was ‘Pride’. As I looked around at neighbouring houses I managed to find the rest of Jane Austen’s books recorded as house names. I would just love to live in one of those houses!

We also attended afternoon tea at the local church. When we arrived we were presented with a treasure hunt – we had to hunt around the churchyard for answers to 20 questions. It was a lot of fun ­čÖé

I also managed to fit in a lot more reading than I’ve done in a while – bliss!

So, that was my weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend too ­čÖé

Back to normal?


My post on Wednesday was a little frantic. I was feeling really tired and like I had soooo much to do.

But now it’s done and I’m wondering why I was panicking. Just like every time I start worrying about something – it seems so big at the time, then after I think ‘Well, that was actually ok’. And yes, I’m still tired, and yes, the kids were grumpy and cranky the last couple of days. But I survived and everything got done, and now I have a whole week off – yay!

Anyway, back to Wednesday. It wasn’t all frantic rushing from one thing to the other. I actually had a very nice couple of hours in the middle of the day – I was only teaching until lunchtime, and had an after school meeting at a different school. There wasn’t really much point going home in between, so headed up to Ham Hill with my picnic lunch. I’ve not been up there for years, and I didn’t really remember much about it, apart from the fact that it’s a nice place to go with a couple of hours to kill!

I wandered around for a bit until I found a nice looking spot to sit and eat my sandwiches. I was surrounded by flowers and greenery and an everchanging pattern of clouds.

It was mostly a relaxing haven in a hectic day. Apart from the huge and bouncy German Shepherd that decided to come sniffing around. He came bounding out of nowhere, no owner to be seen, and raced right over to where I was sitting and slobbered on my sandwich.┬áNice. I wasn’t best pleased, especially when the owner finally came round the corner and seemed completely unconcerned by the fact that his dog was now dribbling in my hair.

But things picked up after that – I ate the rest of my lunch (the bits without dog drool) – then got on with the fun things. I spent a while writing in my long neglected journal…

…and enjoyed a few chapters of my book.

I was distracted every now and again just looking around at the scenery. And then this bright green bug landed on my pages…

The photo doesn’t really do him justice – he was a gorgeous shade of green and was all shimmery. I’m not usually a fan of bugs, but this little guy was quite lovely.

I ended up with funny grass patterns on my feet after a while…

(I included this photo mostly just to show you the pretty buttons on my flip flops!)

Back to reality, the last couple of days at school before a holiday are always a little crazy. The kids (and teachers) are all very tired and fall out a lot more easily than usual. But we’ve had some fun too. We made crowns ready to wear to the Jubilee ‘cream tea’ we had this morning.

The kids also got creative this afternoon, making scenery and finger puppets to tell a story inspired by royalty. We had some really quite crazy stories, but it was great for them to use their imaginations. Their creations were cheap and cheerful (we only used paper, pencils, glue and scissors) but they loved it.

And now I’m off for the weekend. I’m going to stay with friends for the Jubilee weekend – I have no idea what we’ll be doing, but sure it’ll be a lot of fun. I’ll be taking some for of craft with me too, but haven’t decided what yet. I’m going to go and pack now and hopefully make up my mind.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend (Jubilee or otherwise) and I’ll stop by next week. ­čÖé

The animals went in two by two


If you live in Britain you’ll most probably be aware by now that the Queen’s jubilee weekend is fast approaching. In cities, towns and villages all across the coutry bunting and flags are being hung in preparation for a weekend of celebrations. Next week there will be a parade of more than 1000 boats along the Thames as part of these celebrations.

Now, our town wanted to join in. But we have no river. The answer – let’s make boats that don’t need to float! Basically anyone can join in with a boat that they can wear, push or pull. So some bright spark at church thought ‘Hey, let’s make a Noah’s ark!’ I have to say, the ark itself is looking pretty good – it’s on wheels with a chair for someone to sit in and steer it.

But obviously Noah’s ark needs animals. So in Sunday school this morning we got started. We have some amazingly creative children who did a brilliant job of customising their animal masks with feathers, pom poms and jewels. I didn’t get to take too many pictures (I was too busy cutting out, punching holes and tying elastic) but here are a few…


We also had┬áseveral orange tigers, a brilliantly made peacock, a pink spider, a peach bat and a spider with multicoloured legs and feathers! I’m not actually going to be around to see the parade, but I’m sure they’ll have a great time walking through the town in their fabulous masks ­čÖé