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Display of delight


Do you remember the pin boards I started playing around with a couple of weeks ago? I painted the edges a lovely pale blue and then left them waiting for the next stage.

Well, I’ve been looking around for some pretty paper with which to cover them, and found some today – such a great feeling when you find what you’re looking for!


Ideally I would have liked a roll of paper (no creases that way) but this was by far the prettiest paper, so I decided that I’d live with creased paper. I used double sided tape to stick it down all around the edges. I didn’t bother sticking in the middle, because I’m sure sooner or later I’m going to want to change the paper (probably when it’s just so full of holes I can’t see the pattern any more!) and this way I’ll be able to easily remove this paper and add some new.


I attached the tiny hinges (using a pin to make a little hole before I started hammering away)…


…and Ta Dah! A free standing display board 🙂

Yes, it’s a little slap dash and not very professionally finished in places, but I’m really quite pleased with it! I’m planning to drape tiny bunting across the top, and perhaps a hanging garland of flowers down the middle so any imperfections will hopefully not be noticed.

Last night I had some time to do some sewing, and started working on some lavender bags. I’m using napkin fabric, leftover from making all those covered buttons.

Each napkin had a small motif in one corner, which I snipped out to turn into buttons – in the picture the buttons at the bottom and at each end of the rows were made with the napkins. This meant that I was left with quite a lot of white cotton fabric, just right for snipping up into squares to turn into lavender bags!

I’ve decided to sew words in different colours and will add a button to each before I sew them up.

They’re a little crumpled at the moment, but nothing a good hot iron won’t sort out! I’ll let you see what they’re like before I sell them 🙂

Jolly June


Here’s a bit of what I got up to in June:

I covered 100 buttons.

I did a little crochet.

I celebrated 50 followers by giving away 60 buttons.

I won a giveaway (and I’m very much enjoying reading my new book!)

I have enjoyed some beautiful flowers.

And done a few other random bits and pieces too.

I also thought you might like a better look at my patchwork picnic blanket. It’s slightly crumpled here as it’s just come out of the washing machine!

This is one of my favourite patches, as it has the pocket of the shirt.

And the white patches are made from some lovely, lacy looking fabric. Pretty!


One hundred


Good afternoon and welcome to my 100th post! Thanks for sticking around for so long and reading my crafty ramblings 🙂

In celebration of my 100th post I have finished my order for 100 buttons. I have to say, I hadn’t really planned this, but it’s a happy coincidence.

When I started this morning I had 42 more buttons to cover. I had 12 circles ready cut with tiny buttons sewn on and ready to go. I cut 20 circles from my new tablecloth, then made up the numbers with circles from other fabrics. Here they are in my ‘finished’ tin…

…and tipped out in a mini button mountain!

Let’s have a closer look, but be warned – there are a lot of photos!

I’ve mostly had fun making them (apart from pushing the backs on which made my hands sore) but I’m glad they’re finished at last!

A buttony giveaway


After a few days of dithering, and some great suggestions from you lovely readers, I have decided to celebrate my 50 followers with a giveaway of…


Did that come as a surprise?! I’m guessing not 🙂 I think most people mentioned buttons in response to this post, so I thought ‘Why not?’ I love buttons, and it seems that most of you do too, so it seems like the perfect giveaway 🙂

I was going to go with 50 buttons (1 for each follower – clever huh?!) but by the time I decided I now have 52 followers. And I also couldn’t decide on just 50 buttons, so I’ve ended up with 60. Let’s have a closer look at the buttony goodness.

There are 5 fabric covered buttons on buttons (the very first ones I made)…

Some tiny and super teeny tiny buttons…

Some vintage buttons (I think these used to belong to my Grandma)…

And some shape buttons…

I think the orange crayon is probably one of my most favourite ever – it’s so tiny but incredibly detailed, and reminds me of being at school, peeling the paper off the outside of the crayons.

There are of course a few others thrown in to make up numbers, some useful neutrals (that will go with just about anything), some zingy brights and pretty pastels.

If you would like the chance to win this bundle of buttony goodness all you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom – simple as that! You can be from any country in the world and have until Saturday 16th June to enter. I look forward to hearing from you!

Buttons and a book


After a full on day of planning it was nice to have a bit more of a chilled out day yesterday. I went net curtain shopping with Mum (fun times!) then we headed to Monk’s Yard for coffee and lemon drizzle cake – yum! I then spent the afternoon working on my button order whilst catching up with The Big Bang Theory. I needed to push the backs of some of the buttons on more firmly, so spent a while doing that, until my hands got too sore! The teeny tiny buttons may look cute, but they sure dig in when you press on them!


But I now have 47 fully finished buttons, plus 12 more waiting to have the backs pushed on (I’ll wait a couple of days before I try this again!)


I also have a nice little pile of 12 circles with buttons sewn on ready to be made up.

As well as buttons I’ve started another crochet project. I can’t show you yet what it is, as it’s a present for a friend, but here’s a little peek at the crochet goodness…

And finally, do you remember that I entered a couple of giveaways on Thursday? (It was something to do in between planning lessons!) Well, I actually won one! I’ve never won a giveaway before and I’m super excited 🙂 The lovely Hannah over at not your average crochet is sending me this book.

I’ve not heard of this author before, so I have no idea what these books are about, but Hannah loves them and thinks they closely rival Harry Potter – so they must be good! I’ll let you know what I think wen I’ve started reading.

Enjoy your weekend everyone 🙂

Diamond Jubilee Weekend


After a really crazy couple of weeks it was great to have a relaxed and chilled out weekend – a great start to the half term week! A friend and I drove from the West Country up to stay with some friends in Essex, one of my old school friends and her husband. It was very exciting as it’s the first time I’ve seen her since she announced her pregnancy! So we had a great time talking all things baby while the boys…well, I don’t know what they were talking about.

Anyway, in between talking about babies (and looking at scan pictures) we packed in all sorts of fun activities. We went for a couple of walks.

One of the walks started right by this church. It seems that this area of Essex is heavily populated with churches – it seemed like we saw one around pretty much every corner we turned. But I think this was my favourite (to look at anyway) as it’s just so picturesque.

And I loved this plaque on the back pew of the church, put up at the coronation in 1953.

My friends are also pretty big board game fans. They have 2 shelves completely packed with them in their living room. So we passed a lot of time playing games, often whilst watching some of the Jubilee coverage on TV. We were pretty pleased to be watching the flotilla from the warmth and comfort from their house rather than standing in the rain watching it live! (Oh, and on the subject of the flotilla, do you remember the masks we made with the kids last week for our own version of a boat parade? Well, the hard work paid off because the ark won 2nd prize!) Anyway, while we were playing I managed to get some sewing done too. I made a start on my latest order for 100 buttons, and managed to make 45 – nearly halfway – yay!

I also made up a couple of tulip type flowers – not sure what I’ll use them for yet, but they’re pretty cute.

Yesterday we had a tour around Colchester, walking around the Roman wall and hearing about some of the history behind it.

There was a medieval fair going on in the park. We didn’t go in (because it cost money!) but wandered around the edge looking at all the people in their costumes. These little girls looked so cute in their medieval dresses, and looked like they were having fun feeding the ducks.

And these little ducklings around the corner were just lovely!

Over the weekend we saw loads of flowers all over the place – and I took loads of pictures of them! Here are just a fewof my favourites.

We had a brief trip to another town (the name of which I can’t remember!) and I was surprised to see a house with the name ‘Prejudice’ on it. It seemed like an odd name for a house. Until I saw the house next door which was ‘Pride’. As I looked around at neighbouring houses I managed to find the rest of Jane Austen’s books recorded as house names. I would just love to live in one of those houses!

We also attended afternoon tea at the local church. When we arrived we were presented with a treasure hunt – we had to hunt around the churchyard for answers to 20 questions. It was a lot of fun 🙂

I also managed to fit in a lot more reading than I’ve done in a while – bliss!

So, that was my weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend too 🙂

At long last


Hello, good evening, how are you? I’m so sorry I havent’ been around the last few days. Time has just slipped through my fingers and has been soaked up by all the things that have to be done, rather than the things I’d like to do.

But hurrah for the weekend! Hopefully I’ll have time for nice things as well as the necessary things. And let me start off the weekend by showing you what I was working on last week and was so desperate to show you! I finally tracked down my friend and gave her The Present. The wapping paper was off in mere seconds to reveal this…

It looks like a little clutch bag (and could be used as such) but I had a specific purpose in mind for it. Last year I made her a journal cover out of the same fabric and ribbon. Her journal is pretty much always in her handbag, as is her Bible. But her Bible was still in the box it came in. Practical for protection, but not very pretty. So I managed to sneakily find out the measurements from another friend who has a Bible the same size, and stitched up a made to measure case.

It fit surprisingly well considering I only had measurements on paper to go on. Usually if I’m making a case for something I like to have the actual object to make sure it fits as I go along. So the fact that it fits (and fits well) is really very pleasing.

I have also passed on the other present I made, but will post about that tomorrow, just to make sure that it’s been opened (it would be so annoying to ruin the surprise at this stage!)

In other news, I had a lovely email this week from the lady who bought all those Buttons on Buttons I made. They’re selling well in her shop and she wants to order another 100! I’ve said that I won’t be able to start for another couple of weeks (when the school holidays roll around) but am hoping that I’ll have a few free moments next week to get a head start. Circles and tiny buttons here we come!

Buttons, buttons, buttons


I have finally finished – 100 blank buttons successfully covered in little circles of fabric and topped with a mini button. It’s taken all week and some very sore fingers to get to this point, but I’m really pleased with them! I only hope the buyer loves them as much as I do…

Shall we have a look? I couldn’t get them all in one picture very easily, so decided to take pictures in small batches.

These ones came from a charity shop find. My buyer had said taht she liked vintage fabrics and particularly those with embroidery. This isn’t particularly vintage, but does have some lovely stitching – and it was a bargain at £1! This is how the design looked before I cut it up…

More buttons…

Similarly, these buttons were made from napkins with a little flower in each corner. I wasn’t too sure about them as each flower is really quite small, but the napkins are made from a really lovely cotton fabric which I’m sure I’ll be able to use for other projects. And they were a super bargain at £1.25 for 8 🙂

The rest were made with a range of fabrics that I had in my fabric box, mostly cottons that I’ve used for quilt making.

I don’t know why, perhaps it’s because I’ve been working with buttons so much this week, but as I was drifting off to sleep last night I had another buttony idea – earrings! I’ve had some silver earring posts and backs for a while.

I’m not sure why I got them in the first place, but were ideal for this. After finding some matching buttons I squidged a dab of superglue on to each post and attached them to the buttons (being very careful not to stick my fingers together in the process!) …

…and after a minute or two I had a pair of earrings. And then 2 more pairs – pretty!