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Bank holiday weekend


Yesterday some friends and I visited Lytes Cary.

I thought I’d been there before, but I didn’t recognise any of it so perhaps I haven’t! But it was great to have a look around. I just love visiting old houses. I think part of it is just because I’m quite nosy, and getting to look round anyone’s house is fun. But I love history too, and the sense of wonder that comes from seeing things that were made hundreds of years ago.

This birdcage kind of scared me a bit – I think probably because it’s so dark and made me think of a prison – but the craftsmanship is amazing. It was made in the 18th century and has survived all this time. 

A lot of my indoor pictures didn’t come out very well, as flash photography wasn’t allowed and my hands obviously aren’t very steady! But I got one or two good photos. This little window (although it didn’t have glass) fascinated me. It was right at the top of the stairs and overlooked the entrance hall below.

I hadn’t noticed it from this side when we arrived, but spotted it on the way out.

I loved the ceiling here too. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but the colour was a sort of grey/duck egg blue, in between some lovely, swirly carvings.

This beautifully carved rail was in the chapel.


Look at this teeny, tiny window! I’m not sure what the point was, as it’s so very small it couldn’t let in much light.


We also had a wander in the gardens. Unfortunately we couldn’t see all of the gardens, as several parts were shut because of the heavy rainfall we’ve recently had. But the bits we saw were really lovely.


The place was full of lovely doors and gates that were just begging to have their picture taken. I was only too happy to oblige.

We also had a game of croquet! We thought that our Australian friend needed educating in the way of all things English (although I’d never played before either, and proved to be really quite hopeless at it). It was a lot of fun, although I think none of us are very likely to take it up properly!

However, my favourite part (which my friends found very strange) was a bedspread. I got some odd looks and comments as I moved all around the bed taking trying to get some good shots, but it was just beautiful. So many tiny hexagons (probably about 1 inch in size) all so neatly stitched together – the stitches were incredibly tiny. Unfortunately the photos aren’t very clear, but will give you an idea of some of the fabrics.

Some of the groups were not made up of individual hexagons, but were all one piece. It seems to me like it would be harder this way (more complicated working out seam allowances perhaps?) but they were perfectly sized.

And now today I’m enjoying a quiet day at home. I’m hoping to get my shawl finished, although as I have at least 47 more rows to go it may not happen!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend (bank holiday or otherwise) 🙂