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Paper crafting


Last night I held a craft evening at my friend’s house. I needed to think of some Eastery ideas, so I turned to pinterest. I found so many things I wanted to try out! If I knew how to link to pinterest I’d let you have a look at my Easter board. (On that subject, if anyone knows what I need to do to put a pinterest link on the side bar, please let me know! It’s the sort of thing I’m sure I’ve done before, but have completely forgotten.)

Anyway, when I got back from my fun weekend away, I got started on some experiments. I decided that some were a little too complicated for a craft evening, but these are some of the things I came up with…





I also took some polystyrene eggs. I didn’t really know what to do with them, but my friend had some pretty napkins which she and another friend used to decopage the eggs. The eggs were finished off with a pretty ribbon and a thread through the middle to hang them. I only got a photo of one of them. The other was pink.


Someone else decided to make a bunny garland. So pretty!



And here are some of the things I came up with that I decided not to take. I’ve really enjoyed having a go at paper cutting, but it takes quite a lot of time – possibly too long to explain and have a go at all in one evening!






I’ve had a few more paper cutting ideas, but I need to give my neck a rest for a day or two!

Christmas 2013 – garlands


A couple of months ago I saw a pattern for this star garland in a magazine (I can’t remember which one – I buy too many!).

Crochet Star Garland

I posted it on facebook for my crochet buddy to see, but another friend saw it and requested that I make a Christmassy version for him. I didn’t really need much persuasion! I used Red Heart Miami yarn in Jeans, Light Blue and Nature. It was lovely yarn to use. The stars worked up quite quickly, especially after the first one. I made a lot of them during my lunch breaks!

The stars were quite curly around the edges, but nothing that a bit of blocking couldn’t sort out.




And here it is in it’s new home…

star garland

I was pleased with how it turned out and my friend likes it too – hurrah!

This is the mini garland I had over the fireplace this year. I made it a couple of years ago and have had it out at Christmasses ever since.


It was super easy to make – simply cut out 2 star shapes from chosen fabric (probably best to use pinking shears as the raw edges will be on the outside) and start sewing them together. Sew in the string/ribbon as you go along. When 4 points of the star have been stitched fill will a little stuffing then sew up the remaining point. Repeat with as many stars as you fancy!


Christmas 2013


Well it’s been and gone – how was it for you? I always love Christmas (and start listening to Christmas songs from about August!) but it’s also a pretty busy time of year. I love being in school in the run up to Christmas as the children are all so excited, but it has meant that there has been very little time for blogging. So to make up for that I’ll be writing a series of posts about all sorts of Christmas related things over the next few days. These are a few of the things I’ll be telling you about…

Christmas 2013

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

January 2013


In January I…

…made 2 new garlands for my bookcase.

Jan 2013 garlands

…enjoyed gates and trees in the snow.

gates and trees in the snow Jan 2013

…had a wonderful trip to a craft fair, resulting in a whole load of new goodies.

Craft fair goodies Jan 2013

…expanded my crochet skills by experimenting with doilies (read about them here and here).

Doilies Jan 2013

…celebrated my one year blogiversary with a giveaway (which finally arrived with Cheryl this week!)

One year giveaway jan 2013

It’s been a good start to the year!

Vertical garland


When I saw these gorgeous little crochet balls back before Christmas I immediately loved them. But with all things Christmassy I didn’t have time to actually make any. Thankfully things have slowed right down this month, so I’ve had time to indulge in all sorts of creativity just for the fun of it.


My original plan was to make a garland for another shelf on my bookcase (the 3 sets of bunting and garland of stars and buttons just aren’t enough!). And as I held it up against the shelf I was quite pleased with it, but it seemed like it needed something else. Whilst doing a little googling I came across this pattern for a crochet heart. It looked pretty cute so I gave it a go.


All went well until the decreasing stage. Suddenly I ended up with gaping holes that didn’t look like they should be there. And I also wanted the heart to be a little longer. So I pulled out the bottom half and made it up as I went along! I think (although I didn’t write it down, so I can’t be sure) that I did a round of alternate dc and dc2tog, followed by a round of dc (although the pattern is written in US terms, so all the dcs are scs), followed by another round of alternate dc and dc2tog.


Anyway, it ended up looking quite cute, although possibly a bit lumpy in places! And with a heart on one end it went from being a horizontal to a vertical garland. It’s now hanging on the end of my bookcase and looking ever so lovely.


Edit to add: I have just entered my gorgeous garland into this month’s Made It! challenge over at Woolhogs 🙂

Things to do with a dozen doilies


Since posting about my doilies I’ve had several people ask what I’m going to do with them. Tricky question. All I’d really thought about was expanding my crochet skills and not what to do with the end product.


At the moment my delicious doilies are all just hidden away in a box to keep them flat. Bur they really need to be used, not shut away. In search of inspiration I googled ‘repurposing lace doilies’. The first link I clicked on took me to the most amazing place. Dishfunctional Designs has a whole host of ideas for doilies! This is one of my favourites…

Main pic

Isn’t it just beautiful?! And I love this idea too…

In fact, I pretty much love most of the ideas on the page! My brain is buzzing with lacy and doilyish ideas – it’s going to be really tough getting back to maths planning now.