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A little giveaway


Hello! How are you all? I really miss being here! I’m struggling with the work-life balance thing at the moment – the ‘work’ bit takes up quite a big part of my week, and by the time I get to the ‘life’ bit I’m too tired to do anything! As a result there hasn’t been a whole lot of crafting going on (although I’ve managed to finish a few things – I’ll show you at some point) and I’ve just not had the energy to blog. It takes up just a little too much brain power!

Anyway, the reason I’m here now is that I wanted to let you know about a giveaway I’m having on facebook.




All you have to do is leave a comment on the fb post (you can find a link to my fb page on the bar on the right). Simples! The giveaway is open worldwide, but only via facebook – i.e. comments left on this post won’t be entered into the hat.

So, I’ll hopefully see a few comments from you on fb, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to organise my life a little better and get back here more often! See you soon….?

In April & May…


…I had more fun with Turtle Tales. (See the full story here, here, here, here and here.)

Apr 2013 turtle tales

…I made pompom animals with lots of children at an Easter family event.

Apr 20131 pompom animals

…I made a cute cardigan as a birthday present for a cute little girl.

Apr 20132 cute cardigan

…I had some lovely things in the post from Tamara and Jane.

Apr 20133 giveaway goodies

…I finally showed you the Riverbed Blanket.

May 20131 riverbed blanket

…I enjoyed bright splashes of colour as spring arrived – at long last!

May 2013 flowers

…I spent a bank holiday with a lovely friend and a crazy cat.

May 20132 bank holiday 1

…I had some lovely presents for my birthday.

May 20133 birthday presents

…I revealed the winner of my birthday giveaway (and even managed to send it before the month was over!)

May 20134 giveaway winner

…I spent my half-term holiday making granny bunting.

May 20135 bunting triangles

May 20136 bunting triangles 2

That’s actually a whole lot more than I thought I’d done! I think it feels like I haven’t done much because I haven’t been blogging much, but perhaps that’s not the case…

The best laid plans…


I had a great post planned for today, full of colour and all the things I’ve been busy creating. It was going to be simply amazing. But when I switched the computer on…there was no internet connection! I’ve been very helpfully told that ‘yes, you might not be able to connect for a couple of days’.
And since I can’t face writing a huge long post on my phone, all my amazing and colourful updates will have to remain unwritten for the time being.
But I couldn’t leave you completely devoid of colour, so here are the buttons I’ve just added to Tamara’s cushion cover. (I’m getting my act together very slowly, but should be ready to get everything in the post really soon!)



Hello! Officially this is my 200th post (and my birthday!) where I should be announcing the winner of my giveaway.


However, I’ve had a crazily busy weekend having lots of fun celebrating my birthday and I’ve just completely run out of time! I’m also in the middle of a massive baking session (I have to take cakes to school tomorrow – a great excuse to bake, but would have been better on a less busy weekend!!) so the giveaway deadline will be extended by 1 day and I’ll draw a name tomorrow. I’ll also let you know what the other prize is…


See you tomorrow!

Another giveaway…


…from someone else! I’ve only just come across this blog, but Diaper Mum is having a giveaway to celebrate her 1 year blogiversary (there seem to be a lot of these cropping up at the moment!) Pop along and have a look here. (There is the option of a fancy button to link to her blog, but it always takes me so long to figure out how to get them on to my blog, and then they often don’t work, so the ablove link will have to do for now!) Here is a little peek at what is on offer…

January 2013


In January I…

…made 2 new garlands for my bookcase.

Jan 2013 garlands

…enjoyed gates and trees in the snow.

gates and trees in the snow Jan 2013

…had a wonderful trip to a craft fair, resulting in a whole load of new goodies.

Craft fair goodies Jan 2013

…expanded my crochet skills by experimenting with doilies (read about them here and here).

Doilies Jan 2013

…celebrated my one year blogiversary with a giveaway (which finally arrived with Cheryl this week!)

One year giveaway jan 2013

It’s been a good start to the year!

Chocolate dishwater


Today has been a rather productive one. I finished my lesson planning for next week (it’s always such a good feeling when it’s done!) did a big food shop and spent the afternoon preparing food for our weekend away. I’ve whipped up a yummy looking chocolate mousse and a great slab of rocky road, both courtesy of Nigella. As a result of all this chocolatey goodness the dishwater smelled like chocolate, which was a little odd! Anyway, the mousse and rocky road are both now tucked away in the fridge and I’m enjoying a little sit down with my crochet. Bliss!


My mousse looks nothing like this! I’ve made industrial quantities in my beautiful blue bowl rather than delicate little pots, but I’m sure it’ll work just as well.

I just wanted to give you one last reminder about my giveaway – I’ll be drawing the winner tomorrow sometime just after 10am GMT. I’m not sure if I said before, but the giveaway is open worldwide, so wherever you are you’re most welcome to join in!

Christmas gifts #3 – unfinished placemats


A few weeks before Christmas a friend invited me to go Ikea shopping with her. I leapt at the chance as I just love Ikea! There are just so many things that are completely necessary (even though I’ve never heard of them before) and I love discovering more of them every time I go. During this particular trip I ended up with 20 jars (at the time I had no idea what would go in them, but I knew they’d be useful for Christmas presents somehow), 2 metres of fabric and a trolleyload of other ‘essential’ items.

As soon as I saw the fabric I loved it and knew it would be useful – for something. (Can you spot a pattern emerging here?) I gave it a lot of thought over the next few days before finally deciding that I would turn it into sets of placemats. I apologise in advance for the quality of the photos – they were taken on a very dark and gloomy day!


Now, they weren’t unfinished in the sense that they weren’t sewn up. That would just be rude. But unfinished in the sense that the final touches would be put in place by the recipients.


Along with each set of placemats I also included a box of fabric crayons so that the recipients/their kids/the neighbour/the dog could personalise each set.


I just love the quirky design, with so many seemingly unrelated things all jostling alongside each other.


As well as the fun of colouring them in, they also work well as a jigsaw!



You can see a much better picture of the pattern here.

Just while I’m here, thanks to everyone for your comments on The One Year Giveaway post. You have all been most kind and complimentary. You still have a few more days to enter if you haven’t yet!


Jolly June


Here’s a bit of what I got up to in June:

I covered 100 buttons.

I did a little crochet.

I celebrated 50 followers by giving away 60 buttons.

I won a giveaway (and I’m very much enjoying reading my new book!)

I have enjoyed some beautiful flowers.

And done a few other random bits and pieces too.

I also thought you might like a better look at my patchwork picnic blanket. It’s slightly crumpled here as it’s just come out of the washing machine!

This is one of my favourite patches, as it has the pocket of the shirt.

And the white patches are made from some lovely, lacy looking fabric. Pretty!


Another gorgeous giveaway


May I draw your attention to a completely fabulous giveaway – Fee of Chipper Nelly makes the most gorgeous wooden blocks (amongst other things) and is celebrating 200 followers with a great giveaway! Go and have a look – I promise you won’t be disappointed with what you see.

In other news, I’m worriedly watching my washing on the line as I type this – it’s crazily windy and I have visions of my laundry ending up in a tree or something. It’s also looking very grey and gloomy and like it might rain. Again. Hurrah for British summertime!

I’m also busily procrastinating (which is why I’m looking at giveaways and telling you about them!) as I should be preparing for school/Sunday school before I go out for a meeting. I really should go…

…but I’ll probably check in again later for a little more procrastination! Enjoy your day 🙂