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Baby boy blanket


Hello, how are you all? I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since my last post! It was my half term holiday two weeks ago, and I made the decision to just enjoy making things for a week without blogging about them. I fully intended to blog about them this week though, but life has a habbit of getting in the way. Do you find that too?

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about one of the things I did during my week off. A friend of mine had a baby that week. I was expecting a text to come through some point that week as the due date had already come and gone! I wanted to make something for the new baby, but didn’t know if it was going to be a pink baby or a blue baby. In my mind I had a couple of options to go with, but didn’t make the final decision until I had a message at 9.44 pm on the Tuesday evening to say that a healthy little boy had been born.


By 9.45 pm I’d decided what to make and started making it! I already had a stack of blue circles made (these are for another project – I’ll tell you about it some other time) and decided to make some of them into a blanket. But I wanted to break up the blues and have a bit more variety, so started making up some circles in the lovely multicoloured yarn I bought a few weeks ago. I loved how these turned out – some were solid colours, but others had two or three colours worked into them. And I loved how they looked with the blues too. Some parts of the multicoloured yarn are exactly the same shades as the pale blues, so I felt they tied the colours together nicely.


After making up 80 circles (40 in 5 shades of blue and 40 in the multicoloured yarn) I edged each in cream and made them square. I joined them as I went along using Lucy’s method here.


When they were all joined I made a simple granny border (I used Jacqui’s pattern for the first round) from three of the blues, then finished it off with a row of doubles (US singles) in the multicoloured yarn. I finished it at 11.15pm on the Thursday evening – it only took 2 days, 1 hour and 30 mins to finish – hurrah!


I stretched it out on the floor for a day. Even though it’s acrylic yarn and doesn’t block in the same way that cotton or wool do I think it helped to shape the blanket and just generally improved it a bit – although I’m not really sure if I can describe how!


And this is how it looked when it was all unpinned…


All that was left to do was add a label with care instructions and wrap it up ready for delivery.


I was really pleased with how it turned out (even though it was a little wibbly wobbly around the edges!), and I hope it will get a lot of use over the next few weeks and months!


Look what Helen made!


You may remember that my friend and I ran a crochet evening a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was the kind of thing that people would come to just to be sociable, drink tea, eat cake and maybe look at some pretty wool. But at least 2 people (that I know of) have been crocheting ever since!

This is the circle that Helen started on the night. She managed the first 3 green rounds on the night, then added the white round at home.

She then decided to make a hat and started another circle.

However, it grew so quickly that she decided to make a bag instead!

This picture was taken a few days ago, so I’m pretty sure it’s grown quite a bit since then. And today Helen posted her latest creation…

I’m so excited to see her enthusiasm for her new skills – well done Helen!

Starting again


I was merrily hooking away at my blanket. I was pleased that the squares were joining together quite quickly. And I loved how it looked when it was spread out across the floor.

The problem came when I properly looked at it when it wasn’t stretched out. The squares looked bumpy and misshapen and just not right.

I’m not entirely sure why either. They looked fine when I practised on a few squares. The problem may have been that I changed hooks. The one I started with (a boring grey looking 4mm one) disappeared, so I picked up my shiny pink 4mm hook instead. But the pink hook isn’t quite as rounded on the end, so I had to hold it slightly differently to get it smoothly through my loops. I’m wondering if this made me change the tension in some way?

Anyway, I decided to have a proper look for the boring grey hook. I’d had a bit of a rummage around in my bag without finding it, so this time I just tipped out the whole lot on the floor. As I was sorting through, checking each ball of yarn (I often tuck my hook inside a ball so it doesn’t get lost!) I found another colour I wanted to include in my blanket, a warm yellow called Saffron. Eventually, in the last ball I checked, I found my grey hook – hurrah!

But what to do now? Should I pick up where I left off? Or start again?

I decided to start again. I pulled apart all the squares I’d joined (but kept the white wool already attached to each one).

I also whipped up 8 Saffron yellow squares and worked them into my pattern (with one or two other slight changes).


I’ve now got the first row joined. I’ve done it differently and it’s working much better. Hurrah!

Let’s hope I don’t spot any more problems…

A sunny Sunday afternoon


The weather this afternoon is just right for spending in the garden. I’m not normally all that eager to dash out at the first sight of sun (I burn really easily and my eyes water if I’m facing the sun) but it’s been so wet and cold here that I’m determined to make the most of the sun while it’s here!

I was happily reading and hooking when I noticed a snail not far from my feet – ew! It got worse though, as soon the snail was crawling up the leg of the bench. It was at that point that I decided I’d had enough of being outside (for a while at least) so I got packed up and have carried on with my hooking inside.

Anyway, this is how the blanket’s looking so far:

More scarf like than blanket like (apart from the funny little block of squares on the end!) and I’ve already realised it’ll be far too small, so I’m thinking of different ways to make it bigger. I’ll let you know what I come up with!

Also, I’ve found a new home for my teeny tiny bunting:

It seemed a shame for it to just be used on the top of my display boards (especially as I won’t be using them any time soon) so thought that in the meantime they can join my ever growing bunting collection on my bookshelves. It’s on the shelf right next to my teeny tiny crochet bunting.

Comparing squares


I spent some time with Granny this afternoon, which was lovely. I took over my crochet bag and worked as we chatted. We spent quite some time comparing crochet techniques. She has been making 3 round granny squares too, but hers are a lot bigger than mine. (Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, so can’t show you the difference.) But I’m really pleased with how mine are looking, over the last 48 hours I’ve managed to make 64 lovely granny squares!

Originally I planned to make 4 of each colour and use most colours in my stash. But looking at the photos I took yesterday I decided that less colours would be better – but that meant making more of each colour.


I had also planned to include these green squares…

…and although I love the colour, I decided it just didn’t work with the others, so have taken it out.

I’ve only got to make 8 more now though – 4 of the Fondant pink and 4 of the Aspen(the aqua kind of colour).

Then work will come to a halt while I wait for my new supplies to arrive. I only hope that I don’t lose focus in that very short space of time and start something else new (although I wouldn’t be at all surprised).

Sunshine on a rainy day


Yet another ‘summer’ day filled with gloom. It’s not been too rainy today, but it’s been a very grey day. Can you see the little river running down the garden path? It had only been raining for 5 minutes at this point!

Having an unexpectedly free day was lovely. Originally I was going to be running a stall at a charity event (which was cancelled due to bad weather) so hadn’t made any other plans for the day. I half thought about going shopping, but decided that it was more of a stay at home day instead. So Dad and I have been catching up on all the things that have been recorded this week (mostly Dr. Who) and I’ve had a great time crocheting away.

Now, have I told you that I’m working on (another) blanket? I don’t think I have. I started it with plans to sell it today. Obviously that hasn’t worked out, and a good thing too as it’s not finished yet! I’ve worked on it a fair bit this week (mostly whilst watching films with friends) but have run out of cream wool. Don’t you just hate when that happens?!

I almost didn’t do a repeating pattern in case I ran out of anything, but foolishly decided to do it anyway. So far I’ve already run out of the pale pink, and now the cream has come to an end too – and the turquoise is running pretty low. So I’ve had to put in an order for more (what a shame!) which will arrive next week.

And what to work on in the meantime? How about getting on with one of the other blankets in progress?

Nope, I’ve started a new one instead!

In my defence, I was at my friend’s house when I ran out of the cream wool, and didn’t have any other projects with me. So it was a matter of starting a new project or not crocheting at all – and clearly the second choice just wasn’t an option!

I decided to make a patchwork squares blanket, but with bigger squares than the one I made before.  So each square is made with 3 rounds, and each will be edged in white.

I’ve also (finally) added my lavender bags to Coriandr. This was more complicated than it should have been, as the photos were too big to load! So I took photos on a lower quality setting – and they’re still too big! I’m going to leave it for today and have a go on an even lower setting tomorrow. In the meantime, you can see the listing here (this is just for the 3 inch sachets – the bigger ones) and you can see pictures of them here, here and here.

That seems like more than enough information for one day, so I’m going to get back to my squares. Enjoy your day 🙂

Granny’s birthday


Today was Granny’s birthday, so Mum and I spent the day with her. We opened cards and presents (it was my job to peel of the sellotape when she couldn’t get in to the wrapping!) then went out for lunch to Sidmouth Garden Centre. We had a lovely lunch and a little potter around the flowers and gifts before heading out for a drive along the sea front. I’m still playing with my camera, and wondered if I could get any good pictures on ‘sport mode’ as we were driving along (don’t worry, it wasn’t me driving!). The sport mode takes lots of pictures really fast, and some actually came out ok. It’s just a shame the weather wasn’t a little nicer…

This sums up the last couple of weeks really! There were one or two brave people out for a bracing walk along the front, but many more were simply rushing from one place of shelter to the next.

We headed back to Granny’s for more cards and presents and a game of scrabble. Not my favourite game (especially with Mum and Granny who are much better than me!) but it was one of my birthday promises. You see, I was really not inspired for presents this year. I’ve been asking Granny for ages what she’d like, but hadn’t got anywhere. In the end I decided that I’d make some gift certificates for things that I would do with/for her…

These included 2 games of scrabble, a sinkful of washing up, a load of ironing, jobs in the garden and 3 chores of her choice. She loved them, and put me to work straight away dusting the mantlepiece and putting up birthday cards! Here’s the card I made her (obviously including a button!)

This morning I also paid a quick visit to my friends with their new baby. She is just so cute! All little and snuggly and gorgeous. I was so glad they had a girl, as it meant that I found the perfect home for my Baby Granny Blanket.

I had a lovely chat with Little Girl – I asked if Mummy had a boy baby or a girl baby. She replied that it was a girl. So I asked what Baby Girl was called. She replied ‘Moses’! It turns out that Baby Girl is sleeping in a Moses basket, and Little Girl was obviously a little confused! Bless 🙂

A wet and windy day


Good afternoon! How are you today? We’re having a pretty wet, gloomy day today – it’s been raining non-stop since way before I woke up so everything’s feeling pretty dark and wintery today. So it seemed like a good day to stay in and catch up on all the bits and pieces that need doing. So far it’s been a productive day – I’ve sorted through and decluttered 4 Sunday school boxes, planned my lessons for tomorrow and sorted things for our Bible study group this week. In the end I did go out (well wrapped up against the elements and for as short a time as possible) to get some more wool – I was running low on some of the colours I need for my stripy blanket.

Here it is so far…

Not my usual colour palette, but I’m knida liking it just because it’s different. And it’s much more of a boy blanket than a girl blanket isn’t it?

But before I do that I thought I’d give you a whole lot of info about my baby blanket. I’ve seen other bloggers do this and even though I’m sure a lot of people won’t be interested I quite like the geekiness of stats like this!

So here goes:
Weight: 290 g
Measurements: 27.5 x 34 in (approx. 70.5 x 87 cm)
Time taken: approx. 17 hours (although that doesn’t include planning time or ripping it out and starting again time!)
Yarn: 100% acrylic, mostly Stylecraft Special DK (with one or two odds and ends thrown in for good measure!)
Stylecraft colours: Sherbert, Aspen, Turquoise, Denim, Silver, Grey, Candyfloss, Fondant, Pomegranate, Lipstick, Saffron, Violet, Emperor, Cream
Other yarn colours: Pale yellow, pale blue, pale purple, white
18 colours in total 

Ok, geekiness done! Moving on…

Yesterday as I was looking back at previous posts trying to find the beginning of the baby blanket I realised just how many things I’ve started and not finished! I know I’m a starter more than a finisher, but it was really quite shocking. The snood, the Granny Stripe cushion cover (now completely abandoned!),  the re-working of the not quite right slippers, a pair of gloves (which actually got unravelled and reused as something else), the cushion cover with a jumper back. The unfinished journal cover I discovered is still unfinished. The runner I made for my dressing table still only has a crochet edge down one side, and I didn’t even finish the blanket stitch – the needle’s still in it too. The bag that only needed a strap and some flowers is still in exactly the same state. Do you get the idea?!

So, with all my jobs done and out of the way for today, I’m going to be good and actually finish something! The bag with the missing strap is next to me and waiting patiently for attention. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you the finished article tomorrow. If I don’t, you’ll know I’ve been distracted by something else. Again.

Granny square baby blanket


At long last it is finished. Although I only actually started this a month ago it feels like it’s been hanging over my head for a while waiting for me to just Get On With It. The baby blanket that started life as a little bunch of colourful squares has now been completely, properly, absolutely finished. Hurrah!

The blocking process actually took longer than I planned – because I forgot it was there! Pinned to the spare room floor it was out of sight and out of mind. So it stayed there for 3 days instead of just 24 hours. And here it is…

Let’s have a proper look, shall we?

No unsightly ends poking out any more, just a wonderful, colourful, snuggly blanket. And I’m really quite pleased with it. Not bad for a first attempt I think. At some point I’ll give you all the details of size, weight, time it took, etc. But I’m off out in a minute so trying to rapidly get down all that I want to show you!

In my spare moments this week I also whipped up a little crochet cardigan for Bun Bun. I took a photo of her looking all snug and cosy, then realised that one of the presents I made yesterday was right behind her! So I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until tomorrow before you see it. Sorry! Enjoy the rest of your day, and hopefully my next post will be a little less rushed and have a bit more to it 🙂



So close


I am nearly, nearly finished with the baby blanket. All the squares are stitched together and a border and edging has been added. And this is how it looks:

80 blocks of beautiful colour, all contrasting and complementing each other wonderfully. It makes me smile every time I look at it!

The border did cause me a few problems – no matter what I tried it always seemed to go all wavy and all over the place. It was very frustrating. But as a I was browsing through Bunny Mummy’s blog the other day I just happened to notice this tutorial on her side bar – how to make a flat border for granny square blankets – hurrah! And it worked a treat.

And then I just happened to notice another of her tutorials – Double V edging – a very simple but very pretty edge to just finish it all off. I think it just looks lovely.

But the more observant of you may have noticed that even though it looks quite beautiful here, there are one or two stray ends poking out here and there. And the sad fact is that actually there are rather a lot of stray ends. In fact, a whole blanket’s worth that need sewing in.

And of course rather than actually getting on with the sewing in process I have decided to start another blanket! Yet another tutorial I stumbled across on Bunny Mummy’s blog, for a mini hexagon. They are delightfully quick and easy to make and think they will make a fantastic blanket. So maybe I’ll just wait until I’ve finished this one and sew in all the ends at the same time.

Or maybe I’ll start yet another blanket and never sew in any of the ends. That option sounds much more likely.