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Happy flower at home


A couple of years ago I made a beautifully happy flower, following instructions from the Lovely Lucy over at Attic24. (Read about it here and here.)


I loved the bright colours and the pretty beads – but after I’d finished making it I had no idea what to do with it. It ended up on my notice board ‘for the time being’…and stayed there for the next 16 months! In fact, it only moved because I had to pack it up to move house.

Now, my packing process was rather haphazard – I kinda had my own sorta system, but it was mostly based on me packing my most favourite things into boxes first, then just throwing in everything else in a last minute rush!

So I came across a lot of lovely surprises as I unpacked. And the happy flower came to light at just the right time. As I undecorated after Christmas I hated how bare everything looked and decided to redecorate as I went along. The star on my front door was replaced with the happy flower.


Please excuse the bad picture – I’m rarely home during daylight hours at the moment, so have to rely on flash which isn’t the best! Anyway, I also really like how the happy flower looks from the outside, all lit up from behind.


So here it will stay…for the time being! I like to change my decorations through the year so it will probably be replaced at some point. But I’m glad it has a better home than my notice board now 🙂

DSCN2323P.S. It’s 3 years since I registered with WordPress – hurrah!