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Productive morning, lovely afternoon


I spent some time at school this morning, sorting out my new classroom. I was there for about 4 hours and still have loads to do! But I have a much better idea now of what still needs sorting out/printing/sticking on the walls. I could easily have spent all day there, but my friends invited me to the beach which seemed like a much better idea!

We walked down the very steep hill from the car park, stopping to admire the colourful houses on the way.

We wandered around the shops, then stopped for a drink and ice cream.

We had a little paddle in the sea.

It’s Lifeboat Week in Lyme, and there are special events going on each day. One of today’s was pavement art. There were probably about 100 pictures drawn along the sea front. These were some of my favourites…

While we were eating our ice cream,¬†a little girl walked past with a pink sparkly windmill. We all loved it so much that when we saw some lovely spotty ones, we decided to buy our own! (My excuse was that I’d use it in my classroom – somehow!)

The girls held their windmills out of the car windows most of the way home – a great way to end our little trip!

Ice Cream


I finished it! It didn’t take long in the end, just a couple of hours over a couple of evenings, and ta dah! A new bag ūüôā

And here it is:







And a nice close up of the ice cream:









And just one more:







And the sun even came out, making it look even more yummy! It is now for sale in my shop over at coriandr. Enjoy the beautiful, summery sweetness while I consider my next make!

Works in progress


A few days ago I began another project that was inspired by Attic24. Lucy made a beautiful crochet bag, full of¬†bright colours and lovely stripes, and very kindly wrote a tutorial showing how to make it. I thought I’d¬†give it a go in order to use up some of my¬†odds and ends of wool, and when it’s finished it’ll hold what’s left. Unfortunately I’ve got¬†carried away and ended up buying more wool – oh dear!

The base came together very¬†quickly, although it ended up slightly wobbly the bigger it got (but it’s not polite to dwell on big, wobbly bottoms). I also realised that even though I was¬†following the pattern by working in treble stitches there were more holes than I wanted. So when I got to the sides¬†I started to work in half trebles instead. I’m really pleased¬†with how it looks, but as half trebles are smaller than trebles, it’s going to take longer to make. ¬†Never mind.

Anyway, this is how it looked yesterday:

And today:

It’s growing! But it’s still got a long way to go if it’s going to be big enough to hold my entire stock of wool.

And look at the lovely stripiness of it. As I was looking at the latest stripes I suddenly started thinking of ice cream! They seem to me to be very ice creamy colours, and remind me of ice cream bowls…

So I thought “What would be better than an ice cream bag?” And the answer was “Not much!”

Which got me started on another project. It hasn’t gone far yet, but loook at the lovely colours!

More pictures will follow (hopefully of finished articles, but you may have to wait a while – it depends how many other bright ideas I have along the way!)


Quick update: The ice cream bag has turned out really well so far! It still needs some handles, but apart from that is nearly there – so exciting! Hopefully pictures tomorrow…