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Cute cardigan


I set this week aside to do my planning for the term ahead at school. It’s not been going well. I’m so easily distracted by things that are so much more interesting than planning!

A big distraction this week has been birthday presents. There are 2 birthdays coming up in the next couple of weeks. I’ve been working on a present for one of them since Christmas (and since the birthday girl reads my blog you won’t get to see it until the present is unwrapped!) and have been looking for inspiration for the other for the last few days.

So I headed to Ravelry. Always a mistake when I should be doing something else as there is just so much to look at! After quite a lot of browsing I found a really cute little cardigan, just right for a pretty little girly girl who loves to twirl her skirts. This pattern is by Holland Designs and can be found here.

Download Now - CROCHET PATTERN Shortie Sweater - Baby to Adult - Pattern PDF

Having found the pattern I then went searching for yarn. Again, a lot more time was spent on this than should have been, but I found an absolutely gorgeous cotton. It’s King Cole Cottonsoft DK and is just wonderful to work with. It’s beautifully soft and doesn’t split like some yarn does.

And here’s the finished product…


It looks a little different to the one in the picture. I’m hoping that this is because it’s a different size and is on a hanger instead of a child!

I adapted the pattern slightly and didn’t do a ribbed edge, but finished it with a row of DC in cream. I also used this edging to create a little loop for the button.


And I added three little micro flowers (found here) because it needed a little more pink!


So that’s one present ready. Perhaps I’d better get back to planning…