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What a difference a day makes


Yesterday I saw some of the worst flooding I’ve seen around here for years. I didn’t have my camera with me on my adventurous drive, but my friend took this picture. It’s pretty similar to some of the sights my friend and I saw. Trees and debris all over the place and a whole lot of water.

Today couldn’t be more different. It’s beautifully sunny and warm and just like a day in July should be.

I’ve made the most of it and hung out some washing. These are the 2 tablecloths I’m planning to use next week at my sale. I knew that if I didn’t hang them out now I may not have another chance all week!

The cloth on the right is a fairly new one, just plain and boring. But the one on the left is one which I think my Granny made (although I need to check that). It’s looking fairly worn in places, and needs a little TLC to get it looking lovely again. Sadly I don’t think I’m going to have time to stitch it up before Saturday, but I’ll try to arrange it so the most worn bits are either hidden at the back of the table or under something else!

I’ve finished the last few lavender bags…

…and here they are all together.

I’m really happy with them, but I need more, so I’m sitting watching the tennis and stitching away. I’ll show you how they look later in the week.

Before I get back to my lavender I just want to share with you Alternative Use for a Crochet Hook No. 3:

Use it as a cable needle! I was struggling to sleep last night – I was really tired but my mind was buzzing with all sorts of ideas. One of them was inspired by tinyinc. After reading about my cable cushion cover, she sent me a link to some cable work she’s done. I thought her cushion covers were great, but especially loved her hot water bottle covers. My mind went whizzing away, and I thought to myself, “I wonder if that would work as a wheat bag cover?”

The thought came and went pretty quickly, but then came buzzing back around when I was trying to sleep. I thought I might as well try it out just to pass time whilst trying to sleep, but I couldn’t find my cable needle. My hook pouch was right in my line of sight and Hey Presto! A makeshift cable needle. It actually works pretty well too 🙂

I’m happy with how the cover’s going so far – now all I need to do is get some wheat to make up some bags to go inside.

Lovely lavender


Today has been eventful. I met up with a friend for breakfast. We usually go to a cafe near her house, but today she wanted to go to a beacu cafe. It’s not too far away, and it’s somewhere I’ve never been so we hopped in the car.

Not sounding too eventful so far is it? But it’s been raining. A lot. And the route we took was pretty scary in places! We were following a fire engine for a while (which was great – we knew someone was close by if we got stuck in a puddle) and saw several cars which had broken down. There was a poor police man standing almost up to his knees in water trying to clear debris from one part of the road.

We managed to travel several miles until we got to a mini traffic jam. Peering beyond the cars we realised why – there was a HUGE puddle across the road! The fire engine sailed on past the cars and got through, as did a couple of 4×4’s. But we watched as a car drove through. It did make it, but the water came so far up we decided not to risk it.

We headed back and had breakfast in our usual cafe, then did a little shopping – and got completely soaked! It was fun (in it’s own way) but boy was I glad to get home and change into dry clothes!

Anyway, once I was home and dry I got on with a little crafting. I had cut down a lot of my stitched squares to 3 inches (I wanted my lavender bags to be the same size) and added a button to each one. I then dusted off my poor neglected sewing machine and got stitching. Once they were sewn together and turned the right way round, I gave them a good ironing.

I then broke into my huge bag of lavender and got filling.

I discovered 2 new uses for a crochet hook during this process – firstly, it was great for pushing out the corners as I turned the the bags the right way round. I usually use scissors, but most were either too big (and didn’t push out the corners properly) or too pointy (and poked holes in the fabric). The crochet hook was just the right size, and nicely rounded so it didn’t damage the fabric.

Secondly, it was useful to help push the lavender through the funnel. It easily got clogged up, so I used the hook to speed up the process of filling the bags.

I’ve still got a few more to go, but I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out so far.

Buttons and tags


Here’s a little bit of what I did today:

I made a few more pairs of button earrings and added them to tags ready to sell.

I sewed some buttons on to tags – I just love how these look…

…and I love how they look on the back too!

I got some sewing done while I caught up with a very special friend.

Hope you’ve had a lovely day too!

Display of delight


Do you remember the pin boards I started playing around with a couple of weeks ago? I painted the edges a lovely pale blue and then left them waiting for the next stage.

Well, I’ve been looking around for some pretty paper with which to cover them, and found some today – such a great feeling when you find what you’re looking for!


Ideally I would have liked a roll of paper (no creases that way) but this was by far the prettiest paper, so I decided that I’d live with creased paper. I used double sided tape to stick it down all around the edges. I didn’t bother sticking in the middle, because I’m sure sooner or later I’m going to want to change the paper (probably when it’s just so full of holes I can’t see the pattern any more!) and this way I’ll be able to easily remove this paper and add some new.


I attached the tiny hinges (using a pin to make a little hole before I started hammering away)…


…and Ta Dah! A free standing display board 🙂

Yes, it’s a little slap dash and not very professionally finished in places, but I’m really quite pleased with it! I’m planning to drape tiny bunting across the top, and perhaps a hanging garland of flowers down the middle so any imperfections will hopefully not be noticed.

Last night I had some time to do some sewing, and started working on some lavender bags. I’m using napkin fabric, leftover from making all those covered buttons.

Each napkin had a small motif in one corner, which I snipped out to turn into buttons – in the picture the buttons at the bottom and at each end of the rows were made with the napkins. This meant that I was left with quite a lot of white cotton fabric, just right for snipping up into squares to turn into lavender bags!

I’ve decided to sew words in different colours and will add a button to each before I sew them up.

They’re a little crumpled at the moment, but nothing a good hot iron won’t sort out! I’ll let you see what they’re like before I sell them 🙂

An unexpected day


As I’m sure anyone in the UK will have realised (if you didn’t remember you may be in trouble) yesterday was Mother’s Day.  And although I’m not a mother, I got flowers!

Every year bunches of daffodils are given to all the women at church. I love this partly just because I love daffodils but also because it’s a reminder that I’m part of an amazing family there. (I must also say that my own family are also pretty amazing, just in case anyone gets the wrong idea!)

So these beautiful blooms are now gracing my bookshelves and adding a lovely springiness to the atmosphere. Lovely!

Anyway, as I was checking my diary for something I realised that I had absolutely nothing in it for the next week. This is so unusual and really quite exciting. So I made myself a little list of all the things I could do with my time.

I didn’t realise until I started listing them that I had so many unfinished projects (and these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head – there may be several more burried in boxes around the house). I also thought it’d be good to start planning some new things for the fair later this year. I know it’s not for ages yet, but I like to be organised about these things.

So I had it all planned out. Then the phone rang. At 6.55 this morning. And I ended up doing this today instead…

Not at all what I had in mind! But it ended up being a good day anyway (and I actually earned some money which is always a bonus) and I still have time for some relaxing crochet this evening.

And just to finish, I had some good news about an hour ago. You remember my procrastination last week? Well, I got the application finished and sent off yesterday and I’ve been offered an interview for next week. Let the panic begin!