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Holiday snaps


I’m back! I had a fantastic week away (even the rain and mud didn’t spoil the fun) but was pretty happy to sleep in a real bed again on Saturday 🙂 Here’s just a little of what we got up to…

We experienced a whole range of weather conditions, often having sun and rain within a space of a few minutes.

Some of the rain showers were truly spectacular.

They only lasted a few minutes, but were incredibly powerful.

Rain that powerful is always fun when you’re living in a tent! Thankfully the part we were in didn’t get flooded, but some people did. During one particularly heavy (and long) rain storm, I had all the kids huddled around me in our dining tent (a very flimsy marquee that looked like it would fly away many times during the week, but miraculously stayed put) for story time. These kids have always enjoyed my made up stories, but I found that they were getting a bit repetitive. So last year I came up with a solution – story cards! The children pick cards at random to give a place, characters and a problem.

They got a little soggy, as the rain started dripping through the roof, but the rain couldn’t dampen our fun. The kids just loved being part of the creative process of storytelling, and came up with some great additions.

Anyway, the result of so much rain (and the fact that I still wore flip flops for most of the week) meant that I had pretty muddy feet!

On some nights the clouds cleared and we got some beautiful views of the moon. The picture really doesn’t do it justice – it was just so incredibly bright and beautiful.

In a few quiet moments I managed to attach a few more squares to my blanket. But those quiet moments didn’t usually last long before I was surrounded by children.

The oldest girl of the group was desperate to learn to crochet, so one afternoon I gave her a lesson in working a chain. She found it really tricky to hold the yarn as well as move the hook, so I ended up holding the yarn for her.

She managed to make a great long chain which she turned into a bracelet.

In other brief moments of quiet I enjoyed cuddles with my friend’s 6 week old daughter and a little reading.

We also celebrated a birthday with some yummy chocolate cake. We had so much cake – everyone had been busy baking and I think most of us ended up bringing some home again!

We had great weather as we were packing up at the end of the week – just right for getting the tents dried out and packed up.

There was also a bit of drama on our last day – a family near us were pulling up tent pegs when water started gushing up. It turned out that their tent peg had been in a water pipe all week long, and pulling it out resulted in a bit of a flood! So there was all sorts of excitement watching engineers come along to dig it up and repair it.

All in all it was a brilliant week. But now real life has kicked in again and I still have another couple of loads of washing to do.

Baking and gardening


Despite having nothing in my diary for this week, it’s ended up being a busy one.

At the beginning of the week I booked a last minute holiday – hurrah! The last few years I’ve been to New Wine with a group of people from church. This year I really wanted to go, but by the deadline came around my car was due it’s MOT, which took priority. But because of the Olympics not as many people are going this year, so I was able to book this week in time to go next week! I’m so excited!

In preparation, I’ve been busy baking snacks for the group.

So far I’ve made snickerdoodles (which look really different to the picture in the book, but taste good anyway!)…

…oatmeal lace cookies…

…and chewy ginger cookies.

All the recipes came from my most used cookie book, Fabulous Cookies. Yum!

This morning I took my friend’s kids to the park (so she could pack for New Wine without them in the way!), have done 2 loads of washing of things I want to pack, found all my camping bedding and dusted off my suitcase. I’m now having a bit of a sit down before I face actually packing things!

Now, do you remember that I took a trip to the beach with some friends earlier in the week? On the way we got talking about different ways I could arrange the book corner in my classroom, and one suggestion was to have a reading garden. And while I was in the supermarket yesterday I came across some really cute gardening things for children.

I just love this little guy!

I’m so excited about going back into school to arrange my new book corner, and will get the kids to make all sort of flowers to decorate when school starts again.

Right, now I’m off to decide how much yarn I’ll be able to take away with me…