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A little giveaway


Hello! How are you all? I really miss being here! I’m struggling with the work-life balance thing at the moment – the ‘work’ bit takes up quite a big part of my week, and by the time I get to the ‘life’ bit I’m too tired to do anything! As a result there hasn’t been a whole lot of crafting going on (although I’ve managed to finish a few things – I’ll show you at some point) and I’ve just not had the energy to blog. It takes up just a little too much brain power!

Anyway, the reason I’m here now is that I wanted to let you know about a giveaway I’m having on facebook.




All you have to do is leave a comment on the fb post (you can find a link to my fb page on the bar on the right). Simples! The giveaway is open worldwide, but only via facebook – i.e. comments left on this post won’t be entered into the hat.

So, I’ll hopefully see a few comments from you on fb, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to organise my life a little better and get back here more often! See you soon….?

Circles of delight


My lovely friend Helen and I took a road trip yesterday. It wasn’t far, but we had so much fun! Because she was driving I got to crochet in the car – an entirely new experience for me. It took a little getting used to, but it was great to be able to use that time productively and managed to finish 10 of these colourful circles during our travel time.

These are for yet another project I’ve started, and will show you the finished items as soon as I can.

Our little trip mostly consisted of shopping and lunch. I hadn’t really planned to get much, but these little beauties just jumped off the shelves and into my hands, so what could I do?! The first thing to leap at me was this lovely little Cath Kidston bowl. So lovely and summery, and just right for cheering up a gloomy day.

Just around the corner was this beautiful sugar bowl. I just love the colours, and even though I don’t need a sugar bowl for sugar I was sure I could find some use for it.

And indeed I did – it now holds my paper clips, split pins, pegs and other random items that have no other home. The best part is that I can put the lid on and stop them getting all dusty – bonus!

As I was wandering around one shop I suddenly spied these lovely spotty tea towels, and immediately thought of notebook covers! I washed them all as they felt just a bit too new and needed softening up.  

(Apologies for the quality of the photo – the ironing board is in a particularly gloomy corner and my poor little camera just can’t cope with gloom!) Anyway, as I was paying for them Helen suddenly exclaimed “Tea towels!” No, she wasn’t losing the plot, she had just been hit with a flash of inspiration! She had seen some draught excluders that she kind of wanted, but didn’t really like any of the colours or patterns available. So I said I’d make a cover for her. But out of what? We decided to work on it at a later date, but then came the flash of inspiration – why not make a cover from tea towels?! So here are the 3 she decided on…

I’ll let you know how the tea towel cover turns out!

Oh, and here are the notebooks that I will cover with the other spotty tea towels…

As they are quite pretty as they are I’ll try to work out a way of being able to see the pictures. Perhaps a pocket would be bettern than covering them entirely. Hmmm… I’ll think about that.

I bought several other things too, but nothing quite so pretty that needed pictures. However, when I got home there was a little parcel awaiting my attention. Upon opening it I discovered these…

Blank buttons! In my Coriandr shop I have a few Buttons on Buttons for sale. These are tiny buttons stitched on to pretty fabric and used to cover bigger buttons. This may seem like an odd idea to you, but I love them! Anyway, I have just received an order for 100 of these buttons to be made for a button seller in Canada. Hence the ordering of a rather large quantity of blank buttons.

I have started to cut out circles of fabric to cover these buttons, which are currently residing in the lovely Cath Kidston bowl. These will all need to be ironed before the tiny buttons can be added. What joy!

And now for something a little less round and circley – hexagons! I sorted out the order I wanted them in on Tuesday night and took a picture just to remind myself of how I wanted them. Here they are in all their colourful glory…

I did wonder if there were in fact too many colours – I used 19 different shades in the end – and if it was just a bit over the top.  But since starting to join them with the white wool I’ve decided that actually they look quite lovely. The white between each colour is enough to balance everything out a bit.

I think it also helps that I have worked 2 rounds of white around each hexagon.

This serves a double purpose – 1) so that the vast amount of colours are not too overwhelming, and 2) to make the blanket bigger! I’m really quite please with how it’s looking so far, and it’s a lot easier to work in the ends as I go along than it was on the squares blanket – which means alotless work at the end. Fabulous!

Bits and pieces


Ok, here is a collection of other projects that have been going on in my life that haven’t made it on here yet. Firstly, the granny square slippers I mentioned here. I was quite happy with how the first one turned out – until I tried to put it on my foot. It’s too small. So, at some point, I’ll make one that actually fits. And perhaps add a strap to help keep it in place. But in the meantime, here is my first attempt…


I know I said I’d put up pics when I got the size right, but this one is kinda cute, and since I had a pic it seemed right to give it a moment of glory. Besides, who knows how long it might take me to get round to making a pair the right size?!

Another crochet experiment started with a few circles, and ended up being a cute scarf:

This was another project inspired by Attic24. I’m sure you’ll agree that the circle scarf is a beautiful thing to behold, and as soon as I saw it I wanted to have a go. There was no tutorial, so thought I’d just play around until I managed to make an acceptable circle. And they ended up being super simple, and very quick to make (my favourite kind of project!) The finished scarf now belongs to the friend who pushed me towards crochet again, as a sign of my gratitude.

Another experiment was this flower, and I’m so happy with how it turned out!

I’ve seen similar flowers in a few places whilst googling away, but couldn’t seem to find a pattern or tutorial. So again, played around until I came up with something I was happy with – and I just love this! The only problems are that a. I want to make a whole load more, and b. I have no idea what I’d do with a great stack of them! Any suggestions welcome 🙂

And finally, I know this is supposed to be a blog keeping track of the things I’ve made this year, but I just had to share this with you. I had a creative Christmas, and made the majority of my gifts. This is what I made my cousin:

I just love spotty fabrics, and loved the colours of these together. I’ve made similar notebook covers as gifts before, but didn’t take pictures. Which meant that when I came to make this one I couldn’t remember how I done it before – so frustrating! So this time I figured that if I at least took pictures it would make it easier to make again in the future.

Please excuse the ironing board – if I’d known at the time I would be showing these pictures to other people I’d have found a prettier place to photograph it!

Ahh, so pretty.