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Operation Christmas Child


A few weeks ago my friend announced that she didn’t want presents for her birthday this year – or at least, not presents for herself. Instead, she asked for donations to a shoebox. You may remember (if you’ve been reading long enough) that I started making a few things for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes earlier in the year.

Well, I have to say that all my ideas of stocking up on hats, gloves and scarves over the year didn’t work out quite how I imagined it would. Basically, I got distracted! So by this point I don’t have nearly as many goodies as I had once thought. But my lunchtime knitting has been going rather well, and just this morning I finished the scarf I’ve been working on over the last couple of weeks.

I also popped into the wool shop in town this afternoon to see what they had, and found some lovely chunky wool. I started knitting with it almost as soon as I got home, and 35 minutes later I had another scarf! I’ve decided that chunky wool is definitely the way forward!

Last week I decided that a hat or two would be good to include too, so started looking around on ravelry (what a great place!) and came across a pattern for this hat.

I was also inspired by several other patterns to make this one. The flowers are from an Attic 24 pattern.

So now I have a lovely little pile of woolly goodies ready to take to my friend later 🙂


Once every four years


Happy leap day everyone! I don’t know about you, but today hasn’t been that different to any other really, but it kinda feels like it needs mentioning simply because it doesn’t happen that often.

So today hasn’t been particularly special, just pretty crazy. And the day isn’t over yet and I still have a long to do list. So instead of getting on with it I thought I’d write about it instead! Don’t you just love procrastination?!

Anyway, what with having a kinda crazy week, I’ve not felt like crafting much. I come home exhausted and still have things to do for the following day, so I get on and do them as quickly as I can so I can fall into bed as soon as possible. How rock and roll am I?! Hopefully next week will be calmer and I’ll be able to get back into the crafting groove.

But for now, here is a little selection of what I’ve been up to this month. A nice lot of colour to liven up a pretty gloomy month 🙂

Finishing off and sewing up


 I was having a bit of a sort out this morning. With all my new wool (and all the many balls I already had) it needed a bit of organisation. And as I was working my way through a carrier bag with some cottons I’ve had for a couple of years I found a nearly finished hat! No idea why it was in that bag in the first place, or why it was still unfinished – it must have been in the bag for at least a year. But obviously I was distracted from the sewing up process (never my favourite thing to do) by something far more interesting.

But it seemed a shame to leave the poor hat in its unfinished state, so I got out my big fat plastic needle and had it finished off in 5 minutes! And it’s now in my Operation Christmas Child bag, waiting to be sorted into shoeboxes later in the year.

But the hat wasn’t the only thing I finished this morning – I also completed my wrist warmers! And they turned out so much better than I expected! Halfway through making the first one I really wasn’t sure (especially as I was making it up as I was going along), but when the first one was finished it looked quite good. Now they are a pair they look even better! 

I just love the little flowers, and my new buttons give the perfect finishing touch. Beautiful!

So, what do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know – it’s always good to have feedback!

P.S If you really like them, you can go and buy them here 🙂

Time flies…


…when you’re busy crafting! This week has been fairly productive, and I’ve actually finished some things!

Remember that second fluffy scarf I told you about? Done! And added to my Operation Christmas Child bag.

And another project I started last week (but don’t think I told you about) is making good progress. A daughter of some of my closest friends will turn 3 in a couple of months. And she loves rabbits. She’s had a couple of ‘Bun bun’s since she was born, and it’s a nightmare if she ever loses them. And a while ago her Mum saw a pattern in Crafting Springtime Gifts. It’s a very cute rabbit with a smock dress and pantaloons which Little Girl would just adore. So I decided to make one for her birthday.

This is the work in progress on Tuesday:


Bunny in progress

And the finished article:
She’s so cute! And lovely and sunggly and soft – I made her from a dressing gown that was only £5 in the sales – bargain! I’m really pleased with how she’s turned out so far, and looking forward to making her clothes (which will probably be made from other bargains found in the sales). More will follow…
In addition, I’ve been buisily hooking away at a lovely ripply scarf. I came across the ripple tutorial at Attic24. I thought to myself “That looks fun – I’ll give it a try and see what happens.” So I tried it and this happened.
And I thought “Well, that’s quite pleasing. I wonder what it’ll look like if I keep going?” So I kept going and it started to look like this…
And before long it grew into this…
Can you tell I enjoyed making this?! It took some time, but yesterday I made the finishing touches, edging it with a lovely purple border, and I now have (yet another) scarf.
I haven’t quite decided yet whether to keep it for myself, or give it away (which I’d quite like to do, but can’t decide who to give it to). I’ll hang on to it for now, and keep gazing at it’s lovely ripplyness 🙂
So it’s been a productive week, but the mittens and socks sadly remain unfinished.