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Peg bag


A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine smashed a hole in my concrete garden and put up my washing line. I got all excited about being able to hang my washing outside again – then realised that I had no pegs! I hurried out to buy some and greatly enjoyed hanging my washing out in the sunshine. However, my beg bag looked like this:


Not pretty! I woke up this morning wanting to make something and, with several piles of washing to get through, a peg bag seemed like the perfect Saturday morning project.

I had a little look on Pinterest and found a pattern for this bag:

photo of a peg bag

I was going to adapt it slightly by adding a long strap and had some fabric in mind. But as I was rummaging for said fabric, I came across a pair of pink shorts.


I’d bought them in a sale several years ago because I liked the fabric!


I think they were super cheap (probably about £1) and have been stuffed away in my fabric box ever since. But they suddenly seemed the perfect thing for a peg bag!

I started by cutting the bottom off to make it straight.


I also cut a section out of the back because they were a bit too wide.


Then I got out Granny’s old sewing machine to stitch the edges. And this is where the process became a whole lot slower! I’ve not used the machine for a long time (in fact, the last time was probably when I was a teenager and Granny was sitting next to me explaining what I needed to do) and although I have the original manual, the language is slightly old fashioned and it takes a while to work out what it all means.


Eventually I managed to wind thread on to the bobbin, attach it correctly (it took a few tries!) and get the thread ready for stitching. It coped surprising well on even the thickest parts of the fabric, but I found that the thread kept breaking – so frustrating. It ended up looking pretty messy! If I was giving this to someone else I’d probably have lined it to hide the mess – but since it’s only for me I decided not to bother. Anyway, I adjusted the tension and, even though I made it worse to start with, I managed to get it right in the end.


I trimmed the bit I’d cut off so I could use it as a strap. I also cut some plain fabric to back it, then stitched both sides together before turning it the right way round.


I hand stitched the strap in place. At this point Maisie decided to ‘help’ me. It’s actually really hard to sew with a cat in the way – she kept twitching and trying to catch the thread.


Anyway, when the strap was attached I filled it with pegs and put it to use straight away.



It’s a slightly different pink to the other things on the back of the kitchen door, but I figure the more pinks I can get in my kitchen, the better!



Finished (or so I thought)


I was so excited – my shawl was finished! I actually managed to get the right number of rows before I went to bed last night, but it seemed like it would be a little short so added 8 more rows this morning. It was getting a pretty tight fit on the needles so I knew it must be time to cast off.

So I cast off and tried it on – and it’s too short! I used a smaller needle than the pattern recommended (because I was too impatient to wait a day and buy the right size!) and even with the extra rows it’s just not big enough.

It looks pretty big when it’s out flat, but I’d like to be able to tie it at the back like the pattern suggests I should be able to. So I’m now adding more rows, but this time in crochet. I couldn’t face undoing the cast off row and I don’t think I could do many more rows before I ran out of space on the needles anyway. So I’m kinda making it up as I go along now – it seems to be working ok so far, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, in other news…

I found something to put in my woolly pot – basil!

It looks lovely sitting on the kitchen window sill. It still has no flowers but in amongst all the other bits and pieces on the window sill I don’t notice the lack of flowers so much.

And something especially for Mo…

This is a peg bag I made Mum a couple of years ago. I prefer it (in a practical sense) to the shirt bags as it can go round my neck or be slung over my shoulder. The strap is padded with wadding which makes it quite comfortable to wear. The little pocket on the front hasn’t ever really been used, but it looks cute anyway!

Pins and needles


I have been busy sewing this morning, although not making the thing I intended to when I wrote yesterday! It’s a project that will need a little more thought and planning, and all I wanted to do this morning was something quick and easy.

So I decided to use some of the fabric leftovers from the skirt cushion cover and made a pin cushion…

… and a needle case.

The patchwork squares were small enough to be made from some of the narrow strips that were left over, and the backs of each were made from bigger leftovers. Each measures about 4.5 inches (approx. 12 cm). Here is the back of the needle case.

And the inside pages (made from felt)

I have also been adapting clothes. Have a look at this shirt.

Ok, it still looks like a shirt, but that’s kinda the idea. It is actually now a peg bag! I sewed all along the bottom, the ends of the sleeves and down the front (just close to the buttons), working as close to the original stitching as possible. After adding the child sized hanger I made a little stitch under each side of the collar to secure it and make sure the hanger wouldn’t move all over the place. Here’s another one.

I made this one several months ago (way before I started blogging) and came across it in my wardrobe the other day! I thought it would be good to have a few to sell when I have a stall in a couple of months. The baby dresses will also be transformed into peg bags at some point.

The shawl is making progress, but very slowly. Although I’ve got slightly quicker at using the circular needles I’m still not up to full speed. And the rows are really quite long now, and increasing all the time. But I’m hoping it won’t be too much longer before it’s finished. Then I can begin the really fun bit of decorating it with pretty things!