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Flowery phone case


Last week my friend got a fancy new phone. It’s a touchscreen and she was worried about keeping it scratch-free in her handbag. She has four children and therefore carries about a million things in her bag! So I decided to make her a little case to keep it safe.

The photos aren’t great quality. I only finished it last night, and my friend was with me so I gave it to her straight away – no chance to wait for good natural light! But this is what it looks like…


I had to guess at the size. It turns out that it’s a little bigger than the phone, but not bad for a guess! I started with a chain of 15, then worked in rounds of half trebles until it got to what I thought would be the right length. I then attached the pink and worked a row of trebles to make the strap, before edging around the top and strap in doubles. I added the flower (pattern from Attic 24) and then all it needed was a few buttons and it was finished!


I used Stylecraft DK for the whole lot. The main colour is Sherbert, the strap is Fondant and it’s edged in Pomegranate. The flower is (from the inside out) Candyfloss, Fondant, Pomegranate, Lipstick. I was really pleased with how it turned out – although you can’t tell the full effect from the pictures, the colours work really well together.

The best part was that I was working on the case as my friend came to visit. She commented on how much she liked it, and the look on her face when I said it was for her was just brilliant! I love surprising people 🙂