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A new, blue pinboard


I’ve just had a week full of cleaning and tidying. I was properly ruthless and threw away a whole load of junk which has been cluttering up the place for far too long. Some things, however, still had some life left in them but needed a little facelift.

I found a pinboard covered in ancient letters, receipts and dust. It had been wedged between my desk and TV table for goodness knows how long. I decided that it was time for it to be useful again.

I covered it with some duck egg blue fabric. Sadly it wasn’t quite wide enough to cover the board completely from side to side, so I added some spotty blue ribbon. I also added a boarder and criss-crosses of white cotton. It’s all stapled on to the back – it’s pretty messy, but as it’s screwed to the wall no one’s going to see it!

I found the ‘Welcome’ sign on sale in Store 21, and decided that it would be perfect for haning all those leads that normally sit around getting tangled together. Plus, it looks pretty!

I added a few embellishments – a few button drawing pins and paper covered pegs…

…some cute little safety pins…

…a couple of paperchase badges…

…and one of my Jenny Arnott magnets (cleverly attached to a drawing pin).

Pretty and practical – a good combination!

In July I…


…made a display board…

…and some buttony goodies…

…and teeny tiny bunting…

…and lavender bags for a sale that didn’t happen.

I finally finished a cable knit cushion cover.

I made a wedding banner.

I started another baby blanket…

…and a granny square blanket.

I did a whole lot of baking in quite a short space of time.

And I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at the beach with some lovely friends.

How was your month?


Display of delight


Do you remember the pin boards I started playing around with a couple of weeks ago? I painted the edges a lovely pale blue and then left them waiting for the next stage.

Well, I’ve been looking around for some pretty paper with which to cover them, and found some today – such a great feeling when you find what you’re looking for!


Ideally I would have liked a roll of paper (no creases that way) but this was by far the prettiest paper, so I decided that I’d live with creased paper. I used double sided tape to stick it down all around the edges. I didn’t bother sticking in the middle, because I’m sure sooner or later I’m going to want to change the paper (probably when it’s just so full of holes I can’t see the pattern any more!) and this way I’ll be able to easily remove this paper and add some new.


I attached the tiny hinges (using a pin to make a little hole before I started hammering away)…


…and Ta Dah! A free standing display board 🙂

Yes, it’s a little slap dash and not very professionally finished in places, but I’m really quite pleased with it! I’m planning to drape tiny bunting across the top, and perhaps a hanging garland of flowers down the middle so any imperfections will hopefully not be noticed.

Last night I had some time to do some sewing, and started working on some lavender bags. I’m using napkin fabric, leftover from making all those covered buttons.

Each napkin had a small motif in one corner, which I snipped out to turn into buttons – in the picture the buttons at the bottom and at each end of the rows were made with the napkins. This meant that I was left with quite a lot of white cotton fabric, just right for snipping up into squares to turn into lavender bags!

I’ve decided to sew words in different colours and will add a button to each before I sew them up.

They’re a little crumpled at the moment, but nothing a good hot iron won’t sort out! I’ll let you see what they’re like before I sell them 🙂

A lovely June afternoon


Now this is how June should be…

…beautiful blue skies, fluffy white clouds and the sun shining on my back. Bliss! I made the most of the sun this afternoon (you never know how long it’s going to hang around) by taking a long planned project into the garden.

Now I don’t know about you, but I often have ideas flitting around in my mind. Some of them are just passing thoughts – they fly in one ear and out the other barely leaving an impression. Others burst in out of nowhere and demand to be dealt with straight away. And some come quietly and nestle on the edges of my mind, growing and developing over time. This was one of those ideas.

I’ve had some bare pin boards and small tester tubs of paint for a while now. I had plans for them, and decided that as soon as it was sunny I’d work on them in the garden (I’m much less likely to make a mess of things if I’m outside and have a little more space!) However, I had this thought just as the rain set in. And even though there have been a couple of sunny spells they have never been at the right times.

And all the time I was waiting for sun the initial Idea grew and changed. It’s now got to the point where it’s quite different to how it started. My pin boards (originally intended to be covered in book pages and fabric) will now be display boards.

You see, I’ve been thinking about this upcoming fair where I’ll be selling my wares (as long as I get my act together and make some wares to sell!) and thinking particularly about how to display said wares. And these boards popped into my mind – with a little work they will become a pretty, self standing unit.

Now the edges are painted I’m going to cover the cork with pretty paper. Then I’m going to attach some tiny hinges – the boards will open and close like a book! I’ll be able to close them up when transporting them around, then open them ready to display…well, I’m sure I’ll think of something to display on them.

Let me tell you now about one of those Make Me NOW ideas.

Last night I decided to get out my crochet hook. I’ve not really done any all week and wanted a quick start-and-finish-in-an-evening project. I started googling around for inspiration and came across some beautiful crochet garlands. This caught my imagination, and I looked at hearts, flowers, stars, circles, snowflakes and all sorts of other variations and combinations. But the fact is, there is just too much choice. I couldn’t decide what to make! But after a little more scrolling through I found something brilliant…

Crochet ‘paper’ chains!

I love paper chains. They’re one of my favourite things to make with kids as they are easy to do and can be decorated and adapted for just about any occasion you can think of. And crochet chains just seemed like a brilliant idea!

There were no patterns (that I could find, but I didn’t look very hard) but they were super easy to make – I just whipped up 26 rows of 6 htr. Easy peasy!

I sewed each of the ends together making sure that each loop was attached to the previous one before I did so. The loops on the end are a little different though – I added a button hole and button so it can be undone and hooked around a curtain rail, or banisters, or anything else you can think of!

Each loop only took 5 – 10 mins to complete. I’ve really got the bug for it now, and have started on a skinny chain – will show you progress tomorrow 🙂

Retail therapy


I went shopping today. I went to get fabric for a Top Secret Project. I have been commissioned to make Something Special for a Special Day. But as it’s Top Secret I can’t tell you yet what it is. I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures along the way (hopefully) so I can show you when all has been revealed.

In some respects my shopping trip wasn’t great. I forgot to take some very important things with me, and without those things I couldn’t but all of the fabric I need. But I did still manage to bring home a fair amount of other stuff!

I came across a HUGE basket of remnants in Dunelm. I can’t show you pictures of these as they’re currently whizzing through the washing machine. I’ll try to remember to take some piccies as I iron them tomorrow. Anyway, after rummaging through the basket, I found some lovely dotty Clarke & Clarke fabrics in sage green and red. I also snatched up some white cotton fabric (because you can never have too much) before making my way to the section I actually needed – the knitting needles.

I have rediscovered my love of knitting this week. Since my love affair with crochet began at Christmas I’ve really had no time for knitting. Crochet makes much quicker progress (great for the times I’m not feeling very patient) and was generally just new and exciting. But since having a knitting lesson with the girls earlier this week I’ve fallen in love with it again. A little while ago I saw this shawl over at Cozy Things. I completely loved it, but couldn’t be bothered with knitting. But yesterday I rummaged through my needles, found the biggest balls of wool that I could (this grey is left over from the slippers that didn’t work, and came from a humongous 800g ball) and got started.

Now, the pattern says to use circular needles, but I didn’t have any so made a start on straight needles. I’m now halfway through the pattern and realising why circular needles are necessary – the stitches are already starting to get fairly squished on the needles and there will be a great many more stitches by the time I reach the end of the pattern.

So here are my new circular needles…

How exciting! There will now be space for all my stitches – hurrah! The downside is that I can’t stick this needle under my arm as I usually do, so progress will be a lot slower from now on, but I’ll get there in the end.

My other purchases included a few more pin boards. The 2 bigger ones are the same size as I’ve previously decorated, and I thought the little ones were just cute! I’ll decorate them ready to sell.

I also found these fabulous, bargainous cards…

I like to make my own cards, but I like to have a few just in case I need one at the last minute. And these owl ones are just so cute (I especially like the stitchy detail and bunting) I couldn’t resist 🙂

And finally, some inspiration…

Just before I go, thanks for your thoughts and comments about the blog background. I’ve changed it to blue for now (which I do rather like) just to see what you think. I’m still pondering really, so expect a few changes over the next few days while I make up my mind!

Now, I’m off to have a cup of tea and a look at my new mag.

April showers


Ever since a drought was announced we’ve had a whole lot of rain. It has been properly gloomy some days and not at all nice to go out in, but perfect weather for staying in and getting creative! And it seems like I’ve had a pretty productive month.

In April I have…

… finished a baby blanket (including sewing in all those pesky ends)

… ordered more wool and started 2 more blankets

… been creative with tea towels

… celebrated Easter

… covered 100 buttons

… finally put the finishing touches to a stripy bag

… announced a giveaway

… played with buttons, books and pin boards

… made clothes for a special Bunny

… whipped up a baby hat and some tiny little slippers.

Phew, I think I need a cup of tea and a sit down after all that.

Edit: At some point soon I’ll link all these things to the original posts, but right now I need to get on with dinner because I’m out tonight teaching knitting to some friends!



It seems like a lot of people were born on 25th April. I can think of at least 6 people without even trying. But of all those, only 2 got presents from me. I have just popped round to my friend’s house to drop off Bun Bun for Little Girl. And I think she liked it (although she’s pretty overtired, and her brothers are completely hyped up!) – the first thing she did was start playing with the buttons and poppers. Mum and Grandma loved it too – I may have to make bunnies for them too!

The other person to get a present is my lovely friend Helen. She has fairly recently bought a brand new house, so I decided to make something pretty and practical – a pin board!

Her favourite colour is blue, and her kitchen is full of blue and white spotty things, so the white/cream buttons seemed like a good idea. The board will take pride of place in her kitchen next to the sink, just right for pinning up all those odd bits of paper that need to be put somewhere.

It is a completely wet and windy kind of day, but Helen and I decided to brave the weather and go to the beach. We headed to Lyme Regis, where it was surprisingly sunnyish (for an hour at least). Sadly I forgot to take my camera – there were some truly spectacular waves breaking over the cobb. We weren’t brave enough to actually walk along it, but as we saw some people get very wet I think that was probably a good thing!

We also found a lovely little cafe called Aroma which has amazing gluten free cakes – they were completely yummy! We also had a little potter around the shops. There are so many pretty shops in Lyme – it was complete bliss. I was fairly self controlled though, and only came back with a skirt – a bargain find in a charity shop. It’s fairly thin cotton, but beautiful patterns and will make a very nice cushion cover. I’ll line it with plain cotton to make it stronger and probably add ribbon or lace in places too. And there will probably be enough over to make a few other pretty bits and pieces. I can see it very clearly in my mind, but whether or not it turns out like that is anyone’s guess. Anyway, have a look…

And some close ups…

I especially like this panel with the writing. 

Pretty isn’t it? Hopefully I’ll manage to actually make the cushion cover, rather than just plan it in my head!

Oh, and on the subject of birthdays, don’t miss your chance to enter the Big 30 Giveaway in celebration of my 30th – you still have a couple of weeks 🙂

Finishing off


Isn’t it a great feeling when you finish something? Especially when a project’s been on the go for (what feels like) a very long time, or if, like me, you’re better at starting things than finishing.

But today felt like a finishing day, so after breakfast I got out the baby blanket (last pictured here). This was almost 3 weeks ago and I haven’t worked on it since. But today I finally got out the needle and worked in all those pesky little ends.

And this is what I have to show for it – a pile of colourful little woolly worms!

In the end it only took about 2 hours (or about 4 episodes of The Big Bang Theory and half an episode of River Cottage). Not bad at all, and I kinda wish I’d not left it so long! Now it’s only the blocking process and it’ll be all finished – hurrah!

Sorry for the light quality – we’re having a typical on and off rainy, sunny April showers kind of day and it always seems to be cloudiest just when I get the camera out. But you get the idea. And I’ll hopefully take some better pictures when the blocking is finished tomorrow.

I also got on with the pin board. In the end I decided just to get rid of the paper on the back – most of it was really easy to peel off as it hadn’t really stuck properly in the first place. Then I used a knife to cut away the rest neatly round the edge.

The front was fairly straight forward – I cut fabric to the right size (although at this point I realised that the edges are slightly wonky, which made measuring fun!) and used double sided tape to hold it in place.

Then I added criss-cross cotton tape, held in place with drawing pins.

More double sided tape was used to hold the edging in place, as well as pins in each corner.

Finally I added the hook/loop thingys (don’t know the technical name – they just came with the board!) and twisted green wool around them so it can be hung up.

So on the whole a productive morning – what can I finish the afternoon?

Oh, and by the way, this is the glue I’ve used for the button pins and earrings – nothing fancy, just from the cheapie shop in town, but it seems to be effective!

Fun with glue


I have been making a lot of gluey things the last couple of days. I really loved how the button earrings turned out, and have since made a few more pairs…

The pink ones (see them right at the bottom of this post) are now mine – I just love them, and I have a lot of pink things for them to go with. The rest are now listed on Coriandr.

I spent a very chilled out couple of hours inspiration surfing yesterday and found loads of completely fabulous projects. I spent some time googling ‘repurposed books’ and found some great ideas. One of them was similar to this

Book Page 4 x 6 Curved Frame - Decoupaged wood frame

Annoyingly I can’t actually find the post I saw yesterday, but it was a photo frame covered in book pages. I just love this idea – I’ve always been an avid reader and just love how words look. I know some people would think it an absolute crime to cut up books. In some respects I’m one of those people. But at the same time, if a book is damaged or would just be thrown away, why not give it a new lease of life as something pretty?

Anyway, I saw this frame and it gave me an idea. I bought a pin board a few weeks ago with the intention of decorating it and making it look all pretty and lovely. So I decided to do a little papering and covered the frame with book pages.

So far so good. I also wanted to cover the back with pages. I know this won’t be seen, but I don’t like the idea of untidy edges, so thought I’d quickly just paper over the back too.

Oh dear. Bobbly, wobbly, messy looking paper. What went wrong?! Answer – I have no idea! I’m only using PVA glue, but wondering if I should try a decoupage glue? This is where I need your help – if you’ve done decoupage before, either with book pages or other paper types, is there a particular glue you’d recommend?

Anyway, as I was thinking about what the finished pin board would look like (the frame decorated with book pages, the cork covered with pretty fabric and edged with ribbon) I decided that I’d need some pretty drawing pins to go with it. I googled ‘pastel drawing pins’ but didn’t really come up with the results I wanted. But then, out of nowhere, I saw these. (Find them here.)

Vintage Buttons

So pretty! Such a good idea, and so similar to the earrings – I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself! So this morning I popped down to the supermarket and bought myself a whole load of pins to buttonify.

They were drying upside down and when I turned them up the other way I saw all these white bits on them. No idea where they came from – all I can think is that they had some sort of reaction either to the glue, or perhaps to the surface they were on (my sewing machine!). Who knows?! It kinda gives them a distressed look, so think I’ll keep them as they are.

I’ve also done a little tidying up this morning. My ‘creative mess’ had got way beyond acceptable and was just getting in the way.

I got a couple of cute metal buckets last week from Store 21, and are just perfect for holding all those little odds and ends which might be useful one day, but in the meantime are just in the way. So here we go – no less stuff, but a little more organised!

I’ve also started another blanket! I thought I’d finished the hexagon blanket (although it is actually still too small, so I’ll add more to it) and started on a stripy one. I love the easy, repetitive rhythm of half trebles, and although I haven’t got far yet, I can tell I’m going to very much enjoy this latest blanket.