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Paper crafting


Last night I held a craft evening at my friend’s house. I needed to think of some Eastery ideas, so I turned to pinterest. I found so many things I wanted to try out! If I knew how to link to pinterest I’d let you have a look at my Easter board. (On that subject, if anyone knows what I need to do to put a pinterest link on the side bar, please let me know! It’s the sort of thing I’m sure I’ve done before, but have completely forgotten.)

Anyway, when I got back from my fun weekend away, I got started on some experiments. I decided that some were a little too complicated for a craft evening, but these are some of the things I came up with…





I also took some polystyrene eggs. I didn’t really know what to do with them, but my friend had some pretty napkins which she and another friend used to decopage the eggs. The eggs were finished off with a pretty ribbon and a thread through the middle to hang them. I only got a photo of one of them. The other was pink.


Someone else decided to make a bunny garland. So pretty!



And here are some of the things I came up with that I decided not to take. I’ve really enjoyed having a go at paper cutting, but it takes quite a lot of time – possibly too long to explain and have a go at all in one evening!






I’ve had a few more paper cutting ideas, but I need to give my neck a rest for a day or two!

New goodies


Last Friday I spent the day in absolute bliss – I visied a craft fair in Exeter with two friends. It was such a good day! So many pretty things everywhere you turned. I often found that I’d picked something up, but was immediately distracted by the thing right next to it! Needless to say, a fair amount of money was spent. So here are some of my exciting new goodies…

These don’t look particularly pretty, but will be ever so useful.


These don’t look pretty yet, but have great potential for beauty.


Some papers with which to make the above look more beautiful.


Some gorgeous new fabrics and ribbons.


I especially love this one. I have plans for a journal cover (it fits well with my thankfulness list).


Some yummy crochet cotton in ice cream shades.


Lovely lacy edging.



Five lengths of giant ric rac.


Some wonderfully soft and snuggly yarns. The Rowan is more purple than the picture shows and is beautiful to work with.



A gorgeous, vibrant bundle of threads. Again, I have no plans for them, but I couldn’t walk past without buying them! I’m sure they’ll be useful for something.


A new handbag and purse. I’ve been looking for a new purse for a while (my old one was too small for all the things I keep in it and it would never shut!) and you can never have too many handbags 🙂


A new obsession – tapestry. This is my first kit and I’m already loving it! My friend talked me into getting it (and in turn I persuaded her to get a kit too!) and I’m so glad she did.


I’ve actually done a lot more than this now – I’ve finished the pink bit between the top prongs of the H, completed four blue hearts and some of the cream around them.


And of course – buttons!


These are just gorgeous and are now living in three pretty jars on my windowsill.


I’m very much looking forward to using my new goodies – I’m sure several of them will be popping up in posts in the near future 🙂


Jolly June


Here’s a bit of what I got up to in June:

I covered 100 buttons.

I did a little crochet.

I celebrated 50 followers by giving away 60 buttons.

I won a giveaway (and I’m very much enjoying reading my new book!)

I have enjoyed some beautiful flowers.

And done a few other random bits and pieces too.

I also thought you might like a better look at my patchwork picnic blanket. It’s slightly crumpled here as it’s just come out of the washing machine!

This is one of my favourite patches, as it has the pocket of the shirt.

And the white patches are made from some lovely, lacy looking fabric. Pretty!




It’s a crazy foggy day again. I know I said I kinda like the mysteriousness of mist? Well, that does not apply to heavy fog. It’s so thick that driving was actually quite scary!

But it’s the perfect day for staying in a making things! I put on an Ally McBeal dvd and got cutting. And sticking. And trimming. And this is what came out of it.

(These are my favourites because they have buttons on them!)

You can also find them listed here on Coriandr. Along with my Granny Square Cushion Cover 🙂

Spring cleaning


I don’t often feel the need to do housework kind of things. There are always much more interesting things to be doing with my time (mostly involving wool or pretty fabrics). But every now and then I feel the need to sort things out, and that feeling set in this week. So yesterday I got started. I decided that as well as cleaning it would be a good time to de-clutter too. I’m a terrible hoarder and I haveloadsof things that I’ve had for years, ‘just in case they might be useful one day’. I also have a lot of equipment and embellishments that I used to use a lot, but haven’t touched in at lease 6 years.

So it’s time to do some re-homing and some throwing away. I started with the windowsill – not particularly cluttered, but definately in need of a clean. I then moved on to the top of my dressing table and the top drawer. And that was as far as I got! It took me all day to do those 3 areas, and in the process got rid of two and a half bin bags full of stuff! I didn’t take a before photo, but this is how pretty and lovely it’s looking now:

Not the best quality picture I’m afraid, and there is still a lot of work to do all around, but I’m loving this little bit! The pots on the right are re-used Innocent Veg Pots, covered in the beautiful papers that came free with issue 13 of Simply Homemade. A bit of double sided tape and 10 minutes later and ta-dah – a couple of beautiful storage pots!

I also decided to make a new runner for the top of the dressing table. I had been using a bright(ish) purple sarong with purple tassles which I’d had for years. But it had faded a lot and I wanted a different look. So after rummaging through my overflowing fabric box I settled on a lovely floral Clark & Clark fabric. I also decided to make a lacy crochet edging for it. But as usual, I got distracted! This is one thing I’ll definately finish though, even if it takes a little while.

I worked blanket stitch around the edge with cream embroidery thread, then worked groups of 6 double crochet stitches (US sc) into each part of the blanket stitch. But it took a lot more thread than I thought, so only got as far as one of the short edges. I really hope there’s enough to do the other short edge, but I’m not sure there will be. But I’ll face that problem when I get to it.

Anyway, last night I went to bed feeling pretty tired, but my mind was racing round in circles. Don’t you just hate when that happens? For some reason some of my wooden storage boxes kept popping into my mind. At first I thought about painting them in pretty pastel colours. But that seemed like it would take far too long! Then I got thinking about my papers. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have different but co-ordinating draws? So first thing this morning, even before breakfast, I got started. This is nearly a before shot (only thought about it after I’d done the first one). And can you see just how messy and untidy it is all around? That drawer that’s poking out – it’s been like that for months because it was just too full.

So as well as making the drawers look beautiful, I emptied each one out and gave them a thorough sorting. In the process I discovered lots of things I’d completely forgotten about, and many things that I just don’t need any more. So there will be 2 bags of goodies going to a couple of my friends who will make much better use of them!

Anyway, here are the finished drawers:

And the bottom ones:

And all together:

I still have one more set to finish off, but will hopefully get those sorted tomorrow. And tidy up all the stuff that is now all over the floor. And sort out the rest of the room. On second thoughts, I think it’s going to take more than just tomorrow.