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New goodies


Last Friday I spent the day in absolute bliss – I visied a craft fair in Exeter with two friends. It was such a good day! So many pretty things everywhere you turned. I often found that I’d picked something up, but was immediately distracted by the thing right next to it! Needless to say, a fair amount of money was spent. So here are some of my exciting new goodies…

These don’t look particularly pretty, but will be ever so useful.


These don’t look pretty yet, but have great potential for beauty.


Some papers with which to make the above look more beautiful.


Some gorgeous new fabrics and ribbons.


I especially love this one. I have plans for a journal cover (it fits well with my thankfulness list).


Some yummy crochet cotton in ice cream shades.


Lovely lacy edging.



Five lengths of giant ric rac.


Some wonderfully soft and snuggly yarns. The Rowan is more purple than the picture shows and is beautiful to work with.



A gorgeous, vibrant bundle of threads. Again, I have no plans for them, but I couldn’t walk past without buying them! I’m sure they’ll be useful for something.


A new handbag and purse. I’ve been looking for a new purse for a while (my old one was too small for all the things I keep in it and it would never shut!) and you can never have too many handbags 🙂


A new obsession – tapestry. This is my first kit and I’m already loving it! My friend talked me into getting it (and in turn I persuaded her to get a kit too!) and I’m so glad she did.


I’ve actually done a lot more than this now – I’ve finished the pink bit between the top prongs of the H, completed four blue hearts and some of the cream around them.


And of course – buttons!


These are just gorgeous and are now living in three pretty jars on my windowsill.


I’m very much looking forward to using my new goodies – I’m sure several of them will be popping up in posts in the near future 🙂




I’ve just got in from school, was briefly checking through my emails and found I had quite a lot of comments on various posts here. It turns out that I’ve been mentioned on another blog – how exciting!

You may remember that I made a couple of crochet squares for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket (mentioned right at the bottom of this post). It turns out that today Jill showed pics of the squares I sent her – have a look here. Anyway, it seems that at least one person has clicked across from there, and I have a couple of new followers too – welcome to my crafty journey, it’s lovely to have you here!

As I’ve been working all day I’ve not made anything yet, but hope to have a slightly productive evening. Sort of once a month ish a group of friends come round and we craft together. I say sort of once a month – that’s kind of the plan, but sometimes life gets in the way and we’ve not actually met since Christmas! Represented are all crafts and all abilities, so it’s great to see what others are up to, swap ideas and generally have a good old natter over tea and cake.

The books are out for inspiration, along with all the essentials (including a whole lot of buttons and ribbon!). Just need to drag out the box of fabrics and I’m all set for a creative and inspiring evening – will let you know what we come up with!