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In April & May…


…I had more fun with Turtle Tales. (See the full story here, here, here, here and here.)

Apr 2013 turtle tales

…I made pompom animals with lots of children at an Easter family event.

Apr 20131 pompom animals

…I made a cute cardigan as a birthday present for a cute little girl.

Apr 20132 cute cardigan

…I had some lovely things in the post from Tamara and Jane.

Apr 20133 giveaway goodies

…I finally showed you the Riverbed Blanket.

May 20131 riverbed blanket

…I enjoyed bright splashes of colour as spring arrived – at long last!

May 2013 flowers

…I spent a bank holiday with a lovely friend and a crazy cat.

May 20132 bank holiday 1

…I had some lovely presents for my birthday.

May 20133 birthday presents

…I revealed the winner of my birthday giveaway (and even managed to send it before the month was over!)

May 20134 giveaway winner

…I spent my half-term holiday making granny bunting.

May 20135 bunting triangles

May 20136 bunting triangles 2

That’s actually a whole lot more than I thought I’d done! I think it feels like I haven’t done much because I haven’t been blogging much, but perhaps that’s not the case…

Cutting it fine…


All month I’ve been planning to enter ‘May Made It’ over at Woolhogs. If you’ve not come across it, it’s a place where crafters from all over the world can show what they’ve been working on and at the end of the month vote for the items they like the most. A random person is randomly chosen to win a lovely prize.

Anyway, it’s been in the back of my mind for weeks that I really ought to just get on and do something. But time has a sneaky habit of trickling away when you’re not looking, and suddenly it’s the end of the month and I haven’t done anything! This was highlighted by the fact that Maryanne just added a post with the title ‘May Made It – The last few entries….or are they?‘ I realised that I now only have a day left to get my act together – eek!!

So I’m going to scrap what I was originally going to enter (not literally – I’ll still keep working on various things and they may well end up as part of June’s Made It instead) and go with something that’s completely finished and properly photographed…

The Riverbed Blanket!


Scrolling through my photos this really stands out.


I think it’s partly the fact that I managed to take the photos on a sunny day.


But it’s also something that I’m really pleased with (wobbly edges and all).


And my friend enjoys it too – bonus!


Maybe next month I’ll be a little more organised.

Or perhaps there will be a very similar post in 30 days time…

The Blanket (at long last)


Isn’t this just so beautiful?!

I don’t normally swim, but this beautifully clear water just looks so inviting and perfectly wonderful! So why am I randomly wittering on about a beautifully clear river when I should be showing you the blanket you’ve waited so long to see?

Well, I wanted you to have this image of different shades of blue interspersed with ripples of light. That’s what I think of when I see this blanket, and have christened it the Riverbed Blanket.


Can you see what I mean? (Or is it just me being a little OTT?!)


Whether you can see what I mean or not, I really like how this blanket turned out. It’s not huge (probably about 100 x 120cm, but as I forgot to measure it I don’t know for sure) but it’s just the right size for snuggling under on the sofa.


I made (what felt like) thousands of blue circles in five different shades, and grouped them in threes. I joined as I went along, and turned the circles into hexagons – it kind of felt like a magic trick! I toyed with the idea of a random ‘pattern’ but found it far too stressful – I like order and predictability. But as the hexagons don’t line up exactly (as squares would) the pattern sort of slants to one side. I actually rather liked this aspect of it and added to the riverish feeling of the blanket, kind of like all the water is flowing towards the bottom corner.


It almost feels like my feel will get wet at any moment!


Anyway, moving on from my slightly strange and fanciful ideas…

The only part I wasn’t entirely happy with was the border. I did a round of trebles in cream, then two round of half trebles in two different blues. I tried several different things, but whatever I tried the border always ended up a little bit wavy. I guess that’s appropriate for a watery, rivery blanket, but a little frustrating nonetheless.


Of course, when the blanket is in use the waviness of the border really is not an issue, so perhaps I just need to stop being picky. But if anyone has any advice on how to make a non-wavy border I’d be most grateful!

Before giving the blanket I added a care label…


…and wrapped it in plain brown paper tied up with yarn. Again, perhaps a slightly odd idea, but the friend I gave it to also loves to crochet, so I thought she could re-use the yarn to make flowers!


So, that’s the blanket! What did you think of it? Was it worth the agonising wait?! And now that it’s done, what big project should I get started on next?