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An afternoon in the park


After a morning in a cold school (old buildings may look beautiful but they’re often freezing cold!) it was lovely to get out in the sun. I had a quick bite of lunch then picked up Little Girl for an afternoon of fun. We started off by making papier mache bracelets. I thought this would be a great activity, pretty quick (because I already had the bases made up – they were a leftover from Messy Church) and fairly instant results. I had some pretty, flowery napkins all lined up. Little Girl was very enthusiastic – until she saw the glue. She decided that she didn’t want to get her fingers messy, so she gave me directions as I made them!

One for Little Girl and one for Mummy. She was all for making some for her Brothers too, but I persuaded her that they wouldn’t be that impressed with pink bracelets!


We then picked up her Brothers from school and headed to the park with some friends. It was a lot of fun and just brilliant to be out in the sun after so much gloom. (I think I may be quite pink tomorrow – my skin is not used to so much sun!) I took a lot of photos, but not many came out well – small, active children = very blurry pictures.

I’ve not had time for any other crafting today, but am hoping for a quiet evening to indulge in something crafty. Not sure what yet, but will let you know tomorrow 🙂

Wonderful wild flowers


First of all, let me start with an apology. I fully intended to show you yesterday what I’ve been working on all week. I was going to give the presents to their new owners meaning that I could finally reveal all. However…my friends were not at church, so I still have the presents and still can’t show you – sorry!

But I do have several other things to share with you. First of all, some new birthday presents. I’ve been getting presents all week. A lot of people seem to feel bad for gifts arriving late, but I love it because it makes the birthday fun last longer. Yesterday I was given some fabulous Cath Kidston goodies…

Wow, I love these buttons! I showed them to another friend who said “If I had buttons this beautiful I’d just keep them to look at and never end up using them!” I can fully relate to that. I’ll keep these visible and will only use them when I find the completely right and perfect project. They are far too special to use on just any old thing. I also have a new lunch box…

Sooooo much nicer than most of the boring tubs cluttering up my cupboards! And the box was filled with yummy truffles too 🙂

Anyway, on to the bit that actually relates to the title. I’m working in a little village school over the next couple of weeks. It’s a great school with lovely staff and lively children. It’s a little way from where I live, but (on a clear sunny morning) is a lovely drive along narrow, winding country lanes. And I’ve really been appreciating the splashes of colour running through the hedgerows. I actually remembered to take my camera today, so I stopped off in a little layby on my way home and took some piccies.

There are so many beautiful colours, but I think these pink flowers are my favourite.

I also love these delicate blue flowers. I’ve not noticed them before as they don’t stand out amongst the bigger, brighter flowers as I’m driving, but they’re so pretty.

These were hard to photograph – they were surrounded by hundreds of stinging nettles!

And there amongst the greenery were a couple of little ladybirds, chilling out in the sun.

Some bright and sunny yellows.

I also couldn’t resist taking some photos around the village where the school is. It’s the kind of place that I would just love to live – it’s so beautifully picturesque. Realistically I know it’ll never happen (unless I find the millionaire I’ve been looking for all my life!) but a girl can dream…

Some lovely decorative items that you just don’t see in towns…

This is the first thing I see as I drive into the village, and it always reminds me a little of Narnia.

So that’s a little bit of my everyday life (for the next couple of weeks at least). Isn’t it lovely?!

Bun Bun


Normally when I get a burst of productivity it’s very short lived. However, I’ve managed to be productive this morning too, which rather surprised me, but I’ve made the most of it and finished off something I started 3 months ago.

Those of you who’ve been reading since the beginning might remember a cute and fluffy Bunny I made for a very special Little Girl. I was feeling very smug and organised as her birthday isn’t until the end of April. But then I got side tracked. And poor Bun Bun (Little Girl’s name for bunnies) has been sitting on the shelf all this time.

Here she is.

She may look finished, but the poor girl obviously needs some clothes!

Although she’s only small her clothes take an awfully long time to make. I did all the measuring and cutting last night, and have spent this morning stitching away.

So she now has a very snazzy pair of pantaloons…

And a pretty, flowery dress.

The pattern for Bun Bun and her outfit come from Crafting Springtime Gifts, but I’ve made a few alterations to her clothes to make them more child friendly. Both the pantaloons and pinafore are supposed to have darts put in them to make them fit. But that would make it very hard to take the clothes off again, so I added elastic instead. Bun Bun’s looking out of the window here, and giving you a good view of the elasticated bit at the back of her dress.

The straps are supposed to be stitched on at both ends too, but I added poppers so they can easily be undone, even by a 3 year old’s fingers (hopefully!)…

So here she is, all dressed and ready to meet Little Girl next week. By that time she may also have another set of clothes, but I’ll have to see how much time I have. Until then she can enjoy having a little sit down – she’s unlikely to get much rest once she goes to her new home!

Happy Easter


You remember these little circles of delight from the other day? The ones I made in the car?

Well, they’re finished!

We’re having a family dinner tomorrow, and I thought it would be nice to make little Eastery place settings for everyone. Hence these colourful little egg cosies!

Unfortunately however, Cadbury’s creme eggs have shrunk.

There was a time when they would have fit nicely in an egg cup, I’m sure of it. But now some of them look a little swamped. Some of them can barely be seen over the edge. Oh well, nothing I can do about that. So instead of the egg cosies being snugly wrapped around the top of an egg, the entire egg is now in the cosy, and each cosy is precariously balanced on each egg cup!

Even so, I think they look pretty cute and, along with the pretty napkins, add a nice splash of colour.

Happy Easter!

An unexpected day


As I’m sure anyone in the UK will have realised (if you didn’t remember you may be in trouble) yesterday was Mother’s Day.  And although I’m not a mother, I got flowers!

Every year bunches of daffodils are given to all the women at church. I love this partly just because I love daffodils but also because it’s a reminder that I’m part of an amazing family there. (I must also say that my own family are also pretty amazing, just in case anyone gets the wrong idea!)

So these beautiful blooms are now gracing my bookshelves and adding a lovely springiness to the atmosphere. Lovely!

Anyway, as I was checking my diary for something I realised that I had absolutely nothing in it for the next week. This is so unusual and really quite exciting. So I made myself a little list of all the things I could do with my time.

I didn’t realise until I started listing them that I had so many unfinished projects (and these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head – there may be several more burried in boxes around the house). I also thought it’d be good to start planning some new things for the fair later this year. I know it’s not for ages yet, but I like to be organised about these things.

So I had it all planned out. Then the phone rang. At 6.55 this morning. And I ended up doing this today instead…

Not at all what I had in mind! But it ended up being a good day anyway (and I actually earned some money which is always a bonus) and I still have time for some relaxing crochet this evening.

And just to finish, I had some good news about an hour ago. You remember my procrastination last week? Well, I got the application finished and sent off yesterday and I’ve been offered an interview for next week. Let the panic begin!