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September and October


Hello! I have managed to emerge from the life-sucking force that is school for one week only – the perfect chance to catch up on everything I’ve pretty much forgotten about over the last 8 weeks. I was actually hoping that I’d be able to write a post earlier in the week, but it seems that holiday times can be just as busy as work times!

I started the week by staying with my cousin and his wife in London.


They are the most wonderful hosts, so very welcoming and lovely. I had a very relaxed stay with them and managed to do a lot of reading, a fair bit of crochet and a trip to Ikea! I deliberately didn’t take my laptop and it was wonderful to have a few days away from all the distractions of the internet. And I very much enjoyed looking at this picture on their wall…


It’s so quirky, and I love the fact that the yarn is stitched on to the canvas.

I was also inspired by a blanket my aunt made – she knitted it, then backed it with fleece.


It makes a really weighty, snuggly blanket. I think that if I ever get round to finishing my CAL stripy blanket (which I’d really like to do – at some point) I’ll back it with fleece. That might also help to disguise the wonky edges!!


The crochet I’m working on at the moment can’t be revealed just yet as I’m busy making presents, but I can give you a sneak peek. This stripy item is a Christmas present…


…and I’m using this beautiful yarn (James C. Brett Aria) to make a birthday present.


The photo doesn’t do it justice – it’s really a deeper red, and has teeny tiny sequins attached every few inches. It’s really lovely, but a little tricky to work with. It’s really fluffy and if (when!) I make mistakes it’s quite hard to unravel.

There is a lot more I’d like to show you, but thought it would make too long a post to put it all in one! To be continued…

Lovely lavender bags


Today is a very sad day. It’s the last day of the holiday before I go back to school. I will miss my holiday time so very much! I’m planning a few posts about some of my holiday activities over the next couple of weeks. I’ve seen some beautiful quilting, some fantastic yarn bombing and have started (but not finished!) several projects.

The lavender bags I want to show you were whipped up this week. It was one of those situations where I’ve been friends with someone for a while, but hadn’t found out her birthday. Until Facebook told me! Her birthday was on Friday, but I knew I wouldn’t be seeing her until Sunday, giving me a day and a half to make something for her. I kind of put it to the back of my mind (for about 5 minutes) as I was supposed to be doing some planning for school. Then out of nowhere I remembered the huge bag of lavender I have, and Emma’s love for all things crochet. So I put the two together and came up with these…

Lavender bag 2

They’re super easy to make – two circles of glorious colour filled with delicious smelling lavender – simples!

Lavender bag 1

For the first two I did the same pattern of stripes on each side, but with slightly different buttons. For the third one I made a stripy side and a plain side which I embellished with some pretty flowers. (Find the flower patterns at Attic24, here (about halfway down the page) and here.)

Lavender bag 3

I’ve made three more since these – I think they’re the only project I’ve started and finished recently! And because I have three spare ones, (and because my posts have been so sporadic recently and I want to make it up to you) I’m having a super speedy giveaway – if you’d like a crochet lavender bag of your very own, leave a comment at the bottom of this post before 7.00pm GMT. I’ll pick names out of a hat and will let you know the results tomorrow 🙂

Edit: This giveaway is now closed. You can find out the winners here 🙂

Guess what I made…


It was my friend’s birthday on Sunday. I was a little unorganised and only got round to starting her present on Friday! Can you guess what it is? It includes…




DSCN4496 DSCN4486

a button…


a few more stripes…


some bobbly edging…


a hexagon (and some more stripes)…


Yes, it’s a stripy bag!


It acutally started off as a small purse. But by the time I got to purse size I just wanted to keep going so decided to make it into a bag! I managed to get it done in a day and a half. My neck and shoulder were feeling the pain by the end of it, but it was well worth the effort. I made my bag full of stripes nearly a year ago and it’s been in constant use ever since. I hope this one is as useful for my friend!

Finished (or so I thought)


I was so excited – my shawl was finished! I actually managed to get the right number of rows before I went to bed last night, but it seemed like it would be a little short so added 8 more rows this morning. It was getting a pretty tight fit on the needles so I knew it must be time to cast off.

So I cast off and tried it on – and it’s too short! I used a smaller needle than the pattern recommended (because I was too impatient to wait a day and buy the right size!) and even with the extra rows it’s just not big enough.

It looks pretty big when it’s out flat, but I’d like to be able to tie it at the back like the pattern suggests I should be able to. So I’m now adding more rows, but this time in crochet. I couldn’t face undoing the cast off row and I don’t think I could do many more rows before I ran out of space on the needles anyway. So I’m kinda making it up as I go along now – it seems to be working ok so far, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, in other news…

I found something to put in my woolly pot – basil!

It looks lovely sitting on the kitchen window sill. It still has no flowers but in amongst all the other bits and pieces on the window sill I don’t notice the lack of flowers so much.

And something especially for Mo…

This is a peg bag I made Mum a couple of years ago. I prefer it (in a practical sense) to the shirt bags as it can go round my neck or be slung over my shoulder. The strap is padded with wadding which makes it quite comfortable to wear. The little pocket on the front hasn’t ever really been used, but it looks cute anyway!

Pretty shoes all in a row


Guess what – I’ve just had my 3000th visitor to my blog! Well, probably not my 3000th visitor, but there have been 3000 viewings – how exciting! Without this sounding too much like an awards ceremony, I’d just like to take a moment to say thanks to you for stopping by to read my ramblings (or at least look at the pictures). It still kind of amazes me that people actually take time out of their day to read about what I’ve been doing. So, thanks for spending some of your precious time here rather than doing something actually useful.

And especially thanks to those of you who comment on my posts. I love to hear from you and you’re very kind to me 🙂 Please continue to let me know what you think of my little projects.

I’ve just been catching up on a little blog reading and came across this great phrase on noelleodesigns

“the greatest part of being a girl is all the other girls around you and the collective support we can give to each other in every way.”

Your feedback makes me feel like I’m part of a creative group rather than working away alone, giving me feedback about my work and offering some inspiring ideas along the way.

I have to say I just love crafting with others, even more so in actual real life. I had so much fun knitting with the girls last night. Both were brilliant pupils and made great progress (and I’m really quite jealous of I’s wool – it’s just beautiful!) H has been round again today when something went a little funny with her work and she ended up with 3 extra stitches (who hasn’t been there?!) but she’s doing really well. Sadly I didn’t take any photos as we were concentrating so hard on the actual knitting process. But I’ll show you what I managed to finish in between straightening out stitches…

A woolly pot cover! I’ve been seeing these all over blogland recently and was feeling quite left out. So I washed out a veg pot (which still smells slightly oniony, but it’ll pass – I hope) and got crocheting. I love the result, those blue and white stripes make me think of the beach, which therefore makes me think of summer. Good times. It still needs a few flowers but it’s nearly there.

And now to the bit that is actually linked to the title. New shoes!

Just after I posted here a friend contacted me to ask if I actually made the slippers. When I said I did she asked if I’d make a 3-6 month pair for the baby girl she’s expecting. So, after a little googling to find out what size that should be, I came up with these little beauties 🙂 The best part of this story is that baby’s name (for the time being) is Button! How cute is that?

Here are all 3 pairs together…

And just one more…


Anyway, I have to go as H is on her way again for some more knitting fun!

April showers


Ever since a drought was announced we’ve had a whole lot of rain. It has been properly gloomy some days and not at all nice to go out in, but perfect weather for staying in and getting creative! And it seems like I’ve had a pretty productive month.

In April I have…

… finished a baby blanket (including sewing in all those pesky ends)

… ordered more wool and started 2 more blankets

… been creative with tea towels

… celebrated Easter

… covered 100 buttons

… finally put the finishing touches to a stripy bag

… announced a giveaway

… played with buttons, books and pin boards

… made clothes for a special Bunny

… whipped up a baby hat and some tiny little slippers.

Phew, I think I need a cup of tea and a sit down after all that.

Edit: At some point soon I’ll link all these things to the original posts, but right now I need to get on with dinner because I’m out tonight teaching knitting to some friends!

Making progress


I’ve had a fairly productive couple of days and have even managed to cross one thing off my list! Well, I would have if it was on the list in the first place – so annoying. I’ve been working on a baby sleep sack which I’d nearly, but not quite, finished. And I didn’t put it on the list. But I did finish it today!


I got the idea from my friend who knitted one for her new born baby (this is the one she made) and it just looked so cute and snuggly that I decided to make one for a friend who’s expecting. I checked out the patterns on Ravelry, but none of the patterns really grabbed me. So I made up my own in crochet. And I’m really quite pleased with how it turned out too. I don’t know if my friend is having a blue or a pink baby, so got this lovely multicoloured baby wool. I’m not usually a fan of wool with quite so many colours in it, but I actually really like how this turned out.

I’ve also nearly finished my round bag. I’ve finished the stripes and done the shell edging (pattern found here at attic 24) and made both of the straps. I’ve even got as far as sewing on one of the straps, and this is how it looks…

I just need to sew on the other strap and make some flowers and it’ll be done! Hopefully I’ll get it done tomorrow.

As I’ve been hooking away I noticed that my wool bag was starting to look a little empty. Well, not really empty, but I could button it up so it was definately emptier, and therefore time to get some new wool!

This is more lovely Stylecraft Special DK in Sherbert, Denim, Candyfloss and Pomegranate. I’ve since been back and got Cream and Fondant too in order to finish my rectangle bag. And I got Silver because I’ve had an idea for another bag. Oh dear.

These are cheap as chips (£1 each) acrylic, but actually quite soft and snuggly. What a bargain. I’d better get working to use it all up hadn’t I?




This week I have mostly been creating stripes, in the form of the bag I mentioned the other day.  Here it is so far:

Look at the lovely, yummy stripes! And this is the bottom:

However, it has been at this stage for a few days, because as I was working my mind was wandering. I thought to myself “I like this circle bag. It will look good when it’s finished. But I wonder what a rectangular bag would look like? How could I make one of those?” So the circle bag was put down and I started experimenting with a rectangular bag.

For my first attempt I made a long foundation chain, then worked dc (US sc) all the way along it on both sides. When I’d worked all the way around I repeated this with another colour. It was at this point that I realised my mistake – I’d made the chain as long as I wanted the bottom of the bag to be, not taking into account the fact that it was going to get bigger with each round I worked – d’oh! So it would end up being much bigger than I wanted. But the work was not wasted – it will now become a strap for one of the bags.

Second time around I decided to make a very short chain and work rows of 9 dc. I also worked with 2 strands of wool and a 5mm hook to make the bottom slightly more sturdy. When it was the right length I changed colour and, still using 2 strands of wool, worked a border of dcs all the way around. Then using the same colour but one strand and a 4mm hook, I began to work rounds of htrs (US hdc).

I’m using Stylecraft Special DK with the most delicious sounding names! From dark to light they are Lipstick, Pomegranate, Fondant, Candyfloss and Cream. Good enough to eat (perhaps with the exception of Lipstick – that would just be weird).

As you can see, the corners are not very defined, so I think I’ll probably blanket stitch along them when it’s finished.

I’ve also spent a little time this morning sort out my wool. A couple of balls were getting near the end and starting to get pretty tangled up!








So they’ve gone from looking like this…

To looking like this! Much easier to work with 🙂

A bag full of stripes


Here is my lastest completed creation! You may remember that I started it a few days ago (see it in progress here) and it inspired something else entirely. So it’s taken me a while to finish it, but I go there in the end!

I’ve adapted the pattern very slightly (it’s based on Lucy’s design) – I used half treble instead of treble stitches around the sides and made the straps slightly differently, but otherwise it’s pretty similar.

And I’m so pleased with it! I started it to use up some of my wool supply and ended up buying so much more in the process, but it’s so worth it! I just love the colourful stripiness of it – yum!




I realised the other day that there has been a deplorable lack of buttons in my recent creations. So to try to make up for it I decided to add some buttons to the flowers that are attached to the straps – so pretty!






I’m not sure what my next project is going to be yet, but I think it may involve recycling some previously used cotton which I’ve had lying around for ages – I need to do some thinking and browsing for inspiration, so will let you know!