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Things to do with a dozen doilies


Since posting about my doilies I’ve had several people ask what I’m going to do with them. Tricky question. All I’d really thought about was expanding my crochet skills and not what to do with the end product.


At the moment my delicious doilies are all just hidden away in a box to keep them flat. Bur they really need to be used, not shut away. In search of inspiration I googled ‘repurposing lace doilies’. The first link I clicked on took me to the most amazing place. Dishfunctional Designs has a whole host of ideas for doilies! This is one of my favourites…

Main pic

Isn’t it just beautiful?! And I love this idea too…

In fact, I pretty much love most of the ideas on the page! My brain is buzzing with lacy and doilyish ideas – it’s going to be really tough getting back to maths planning now.

What a difference a day makes


Yesterday I saw some of the worst flooding I’ve seen around here for years. I didn’t have my camera with me on my adventurous drive, but my friend took this picture. It’s pretty similar to some of the sights my friend and I saw. Trees and debris all over the place and a whole lot of water.

Today couldn’t be more different. It’s beautifully sunny and warm and just like a day in July should be.

I’ve made the most of it and hung out some washing. These are the 2 tablecloths I’m planning to use next week at my sale. I knew that if I didn’t hang them out now I may not have another chance all week!

The cloth on the right is a fairly new one, just plain and boring. But the one on the left is one which I think my Granny made (although I need to check that). It’s looking fairly worn in places, and needs a little TLC to get it looking lovely again. Sadly I don’t think I’m going to have time to stitch it up before Saturday, but I’ll try to arrange it so the most worn bits are either hidden at the back of the table or under something else!

I’ve finished the last few lavender bags…

…and here they are all together.

I’m really happy with them, but I need more, so I’m sitting watching the tennis and stitching away. I’ll show you how they look later in the week.

Before I get back to my lavender I just want to share with you Alternative Use for a Crochet Hook No. 3:

Use it as a cable needle! I was struggling to sleep last night – I was really tired but my mind was buzzing with all sorts of ideas. One of them was inspired by tinyinc. After reading about my cable cushion cover, she sent me a link to some cable work she’s done. I thought her cushion covers were great, but especially loved her hot water bottle covers. My mind went whizzing away, and I thought to myself, “I wonder if that would work as a wheat bag cover?”

The thought came and went pretty quickly, but then came buzzing back around when I was trying to sleep. I thought I might as well try it out just to pass time whilst trying to sleep, but I couldn’t find my cable needle. My hook pouch was right in my line of sight and Hey Presto! A makeshift cable needle. It actually works pretty well too 🙂

I’m happy with how the cover’s going so far – now all I need to do is get some wheat to make up some bags to go inside.

Beautiful bargain


After quite a time spent in procrastination this morning, I’m pleased to announce that I did actually get some work done – eventually. My major sources of distraction this morning were pretty blogs. The big problem with blogs is that they often link to others. So I’ll be reading through a post and click on a link for another pretty blog. That next blog will also have several links to blogs I’ve never seen before, and before you know it I’ve spent all morning drooling over gorgeous projects and not a scrap of work has been done. I’m guessing that I’m not the only one with this problem (am I?!) and that pretty blogs probably contribute fairly substantially to procrastination levels worldwide.

Anyway, I managed to drag myself away from the distractions long enough to mostly plan Sunday school before I went out for my meeting. And as a reward for actually getting something productive done I stopped in town on my way home to browse through charity shop goodies.

Charity shops have not always been my favourite places – I never liked (and am still not particularly keen on) the smell of them as a child, but I’ve got over that now as I realise there can be some fantastic finds if you spend a little time looking. My bargain today came from the bottom of a crate of linen goods, mostly napkins and table runners. I came across a bundle of 3 napkins with pretty embroidery in the corner. They would have been perfect for making some buttons from, but at £2 for 3 they were more than I can afford right now. I put them back and carried on rummaging and found the greatest bargain – a small tablecloth for £1.20!

And it’s just covered in embroidery!

Each corner has the same design, but in different colours – purple…




I love these little flowers which are dotted around.

There are one or two small stains in places, but as I’ll be cutting it up for buttons it really doesn’t matter to me. There may even be one or two other projects that come out of this beauty – I’m just waiting for inspiration to hit!

It’s whizzing around in the washing machine right now, and I’ll give it a good old iron before I get started on cutting it up. In some respects it’s a bit of a shame to ‘vandalise’ it with scissors, but I figure it’s better to make use of things in a new format rather than let them sit unloved and gathering dust elsewhere.

(By the way, blame the photo quality on the weather – it’s so gloomy all the time at the moment that I’m finding it really hard to get a good picture!)