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How are you? I am well aware that it has been a really long time since I posted! School life and real life have both been pretty busy and I’ve felt pretty drained the last few weeks. Most nights I haven’t even had the energy  to pick up my crochet hook, a sure sign that things are bad!

It’s not all doom and gloom though – there has been a little creativity happening at odd times (I’m still keeping up with the stripy blanket CAL). So, because I didn’t do my normal end of the month picture board I thought I’d just remind you of a few of the things I made/did/saw/bought in the month of June












There are only two weeks and two days left of the school term now, so I’m hoping that normal service will resume then! In the meantime, I’m more likely to be active on facebook, so if you want to see what I’ve been up to pop over and have a look. And say hi while you’re there – I love hearing from you all 🙂

Another tassel


I thought that my next post would probably be about the next few rows of my CAL blanket. But even though I’ve been clicking the refresh button on my email every few minutes this morning there is still no notification telling me that the next rows have been posted! So I thought that rather than sit around impatiently I would do something to occupy my mind instead.

My first step was to go out to the garden and take photos of a couple of things I’ve done/made over the last 16 hours.


The first is another tassel! Almost as soon as I’d posted about my bead tassel I felt the need to make one entirely with buttons. So I got out my colourful threads and button box and got to work.


I made this in a slightly different way to the beaded tassel. I used a different colour thread for each strand, weaving it through the buttons all the way down and back to the top again. When I had 4 strands I simply knotted them all together (I’d made sure to leave the ends fairly long) then picked the two longest threads to be the loop at the top. I threaded these through a larger button, then stitched them to the knot to secure. It’s not particularly neat, but my eye is drawn to the buttons rather than the knot, so I think it’ll be ok!

Here’s the other one as well (I felt it needed to be photographed in the sunlight!)…


On Thursday evenings I meet with a small group of people from church. We spend time praying together and looking at what the Bible says and how we can apply it to our lives. This week we were discussing the importance of the Bible itself. Reading the Bible is something that a lot of Christians (myself included!) find hard at times, so one of the things we discussed was how to get the most from the times we read it. I often find (just in life in general) that if I write something down I remember it better. So I decided that I should use my journal more often to jot down things that jump out at me as I read the Bible.


This morning I read Isaiah 40. It’s filled with amazing imagery, so I thought I’d get my colours out and write it in a jumbled up kinda way.


I’m not a great artist (as much as I’d like to be!) but I had a go at adding small pictures to the text anyway. I like the way it all looks on the page and it was a great way of getting me to focus for a much longer time than usual! It’s definitely something I’ll be doing again.


Anyway, I must just go and check my emails again…


Bead Tassel


I’ve been back at school for one week and it honestly feels forever since I had a holiday. I feel completely drained.

I think part of the exhaustion was caused by a trip to a local farm this morning. It was all organised for me (so I had no idea what was going on) and it was only my class going so I felt a little stressed!

We found out about potato farming, looked at some worms and talked about how they’re good for the soil then looked at some animals.




The chicks were the favourite – they’re just so cute!


It ended up being a great morning, the kids loved it and it was all really well organised, but by the time we arrived back at school at lunchtime I was ready to crash! Unfortunately I then had to teach for the rest of the afternoon (although ‘teach’ might be a stretch – we wrote thank you letters to the organisers of our visit then had golden time!) before I could finally leave.

I had barely been in the door 2 minutes before I’d eaten a chocolate bar (I needed the energy boost) and I’m just about starting to relax and unwind and enjoy the fact that it’s the weekend – hurrah!

As well as some cute animal pictures I wanted to show you a bead tassel I made yesterday. I was inspired by Jill’s post a few days ago, and with a little prompting from her (although she didn’t have to use huge powers of persuasion) I got out my bead box and had a go.

I started by choosing the beads I wanted to use. I went for a seaside theme and set all the beads out on my laptop. That was fine until I needed to move the cursor and sent beads flying everywhere!


I set these to one side as I wanted to use them at the ends.


And here’s the finished item!


It’s currently hanging on my sewing machine (which hasn’t been used for anything other than storage space in quite a long time!) until I decide where it will permanently live.


If you’ve not had a go at making tassels yourself, I’d definitely recommend it – they’re really quite easy and quick to put together. Just don’t try to pull the thread too quickly back through the beads at the end of each strand. You may think the thread will easily glide through the beads with no problems. Not true. It will twist and wrap itself around all the other strands (and your fingers too if you’re not careful) and cause all sorts of headaches as you try to untangle it all. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!