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Baby blanket update


Let me start by staying how completely over optimistic I was to think that my 36 teeny tiny squares would be big enough to make a baby blanket. I was kinda hoping that by the time I’d added the white borders to all of them they’d grow to be big enough.

They didn’t.

So I got to work again and made another 12 teeny tiny squares to add another 2 rows which made it rectangular (Mum’s idea – she thought it would look better that way. I wasn’t entirely convinced at first, but liking it now).

 Then I made another 32 squares, enough to go all the way around. But this time I made them from just 1 colour rather than 2. And that’s where I’m up to – adding all these extra squares around the edge.

Here’s the layout:

And a bit of a close up (sorry for the slight blurriness!)

And now, with all my preparation done for tomorrow, I’m going to enjoy a little Ally McBeal whilst finishing my blanket. Bliss!

Edit to add: So much for finishing the blanket – I’ve run out of white wool! And only 6 squares to go. So annoying.