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New toy


(Disclaimer: The photos in this post are horrendous. I really don’t like them. However, apart from weekends, I am never at home during daylight hours, so there are very few opportunities to take photos in good light at the moment. Let’s blame winter for the horrible photos and agree that they’ll get better once spring shows her sunny face again.)

I got a new toy last week. It was something I’ve thought about getting for a while, and seen several people in blogland using one.

I got a wool winder!


I was so excited when it arrived! I spent a fair bit of time that evening winding yarn into beautiful little balls. It was a little tricky getting it set up – the biggest problem was that the clamp didn’t open wide enough to attach to the edge of my desk, so I ended up with it on my laptop! Probably not the best idea, but it worked 🙂

When I told Mum about my new toy she was a little baffled. Pretty much all of the yarn I buy is in lovely, easy to crochet from balls. So why bother to wind them again? This is why…


My stripy bag is simply bursting! Admittedly, this is particularly full, even by my standards, but I wanted all the different colours I’m using for my stripy blanket in one place. And sadly they didn’t quite all fit.

However, after some very happy winding time on Saturday, my stripy yarn bag now looks like this…


I honestly haven’t taken any out to make it look less! Yes, it still bulges horribly at the sides, but at least now it’s not spilling out of the top as well. A lot of the yarn I wound was from nearly full balls. I ended up making 2 balls instead of 1 for these – for one thing it got tricky to wind and the yarn kept slipping off the bottom. For another thing, it’s more portable to take half the amount with me on my crochet travels! And because I rarely use a lot of one colour all in one go the fact that I had to cut the yarn really doesn’t bother me.

One tip if you’re going to wind wool – keep half an eye on it. I caught up with Downton Abbey whilst winding, and got a little too distracted…


Oops! It required scissors to fix the mess. It wasn’t pretty.

Anyway, enough time talking about it – I’m going to wind some more wool 🙂