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Christmas 2013


Well it’s been and gone – how was it for you? I always love Christmas (and start listening to Christmas songs from about August!) but it’s also a pretty busy time of year. I love being in school in the run up to Christmas as the children are all so excited, but it has meant that there has been very little time for blogging. So to make up for that I’ll be writing a series of posts about all sorts of Christmas related things over the next few days. These are a few of the things I’ll be telling you about…

Christmas 2013

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

Spring flower wreath


About a month ago Jill posted about a lovely flower wreath she made. Isn’t it pretty?


It got me thinking about my own wreath. I’ve had one on the door for the last few years and my original intention was to change it every season. However, the last time I changed it was probably November 2011 – oops!


It didn’t really bother me as it was mostly made of food (dried apples, oranges and chillies and cinnamon sticks) which seemed fitting for a kitchen door!



But it really was time for a change, so I got busy making a whole host of crochet flowers. I made some large and medium sized roses


…some teeny tiny flowers


and some micro flowers (that’s the little dark yellow one in this picture) .


My plan was to completely cover the wreath in flowers, but as I started playing around with them I realised that I liked seeing the wreath and ribbon so decided to leave some spaces. As a result I have quite a few flowers left over – any ideas what I can do with them?!

I didn’t really plan where each flower went, just tied one on to start and went from there! As I made each flower I left long tails and used these to tie them in place.


I made a simple chain loop to hang it from, then covered the knot with a few more flowers.


And here it is in place, hanging on the kitchen door.


I just love it – it makes me grin every time it catches my eye!