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Yummy yarn bombing


On our way to visit friends on the beautiful island of Barra we stopped off in Oban (where we were catching the ferry from) and had a wander around. We were walking from the car park towards the town and as we came round a corner we suddenly saw this…


… and this was next to it.


Then we found this…


There was a local artist who had a tiny studio surrounded by all this amazing mosaic work.










She was also the source of the yarn bombing. She told us it had started with these posts – the original paint was chipping off and looking very ugly so she decided to make them some covers to make them look more attractive.


It grew from there and she had ended up surrounding her little patch with all this lovely colour.




She only yarn bombed close to her studio so that she could maintain them fairly easily and mend any that need it. It was a delightful and unexpected surprise!


Time flies


I can’t believe it’s been more than two months since my last post! Is anyone still out there? The last few weeks of term were quite crazy and even my holiday time hasn’t felt too restful so far. But I’m enjoying my time off – I went to New Wine last week with a group from church which was lots of fun. And yesterday my friend and I drive from the South West (Somerset) to Scotland!
Today we have driven a little further and have just boarded a ferry to Barra, an island in the Outer Hebrides. We’re staying with friends there this week and I’m so excited about seeing them!
Before we got on the ferry we had some time to wander round Oban and we found some very exciting things that I wanted to share with you…


This is the first yarn bombing I’ve seen in real life and we came across it completely unexpectedly! It was done by a lady who has a very small art studio nearby who wanted to brighten up her surroundings – she did it very well!



I’ve taken loads more photos on my camera, so I’ll give you the full version next time I have computer access.
We also came across a quilt exhibition. I didn’t get any photos on my phone, but I took loads on my camera! They were just amazing, so much skill and talent on display. I think there may well be a few picture-heavy posts when I get home!