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The animals went in two by two


If you live in Britain you’ll most probably be aware by now that the Queen’s jubilee weekend is fast approaching. In cities, towns and villages all across the coutry bunting and flags are being hung in preparation for a weekend of celebrations. Next week there will be a parade of more than 1000 boats along the Thames as part of these celebrations.

Now, our town wanted to join in. But we have no river. The answer – let’s make boats that don’t need to float! Basically anyone can join in with a boat that they can wear, push or pull. So some bright spark at church thought ‘Hey, let’s make a Noah’s ark!’ I have to say, the ark itself is looking pretty good – it’s on wheels with a chair for someone to sit in and steer it.

But obviously Noah’s ark needs animals. So in Sunday school this morning we got started. We have some amazingly creative children who did a brilliant job of customising their animal masks with feathers, pom poms and jewels. I didn’t get to take too many pictures (I was too busy cutting out, punching holes and tying elastic) but here are a few…


We also had several orange tigers, a brilliantly made peacock, a pink spider, a peach bat and a spider with multicoloured legs and feathers! I’m not actually going to be around to see the parade, but I’m sure they’ll have a great time walking through the town in their fabulous masks 🙂