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A Tale of Two Turtles


Friendship continued to blossom and grow between Timmy and Tamara. They saw each other every day and spent time chatting about everything under the sun.


They discussed the best way to keep their shells clean, their favourite foods, world events (they were both pleased with the choice of the new pope, and were sure that turtles must have been responsible for the decision) and what to do if they ever found themselves stranded on their backs with no one around to help (this had happened to Timmy as a child and he still had nightmares about it).


To this last point Tamara responded that as they spent so much time together it was unlikely that either would have to suffer the indignity long before the other found them and set them back on their feet.

In between these serious conversations they often played their favourite game of hide and seek, finding new and inventive hiding places every day.





Timmy was never quite sure how Tamara managed to get on top of the bird box (and Tamara never gave away her secret) but agreed that it was a very good hiding place.


Tamara was much better at the game than Timmy and always found him quickly, even when he tried to hide in the middle of a Christmas tree.


One not particularly special day, while they were enjoying a gentle stroll by the flower beds, something very special happened. Tamara was admiring the flowers when a sudden thought hit Timmy. He realised that all this time he’d spent with Tamara he hadn’t once been gloomy or lonely. In fact, he was actually beginning to be quite a cheerful turtle indeed. He glanced at Tamara and saw her in a whole new light. He suddenly knew that this was the turtle he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.


Without hesitation he proposed – and to his great delight Tamara accepted!


Only a few days later they got married at their favourite place in the garden. It was a simple ceremony, but they were both overjoyed.


And who knows what adventures might happen next…

Terrific Turtles


These little guys are proving to be very popular. I’ve had several friends asking me about them over the last few days and wondering how their story will develop.


I do have some plans for them, but I’ll need a few days.


So in the meantime, enjoy the pics and keep an eye open for the next part of the Turtle Tale 🙂


When Timmy met Tamara


Timmy often feels a bit gloomy. He’s not really miserable or grumpy, but he’s never exactly cheerful. This morning he was feeling particularly gloomy.


He went for a walk to see if a visit to his favourite plant would cheer him up.


He wasn’t really looking where he was going, so it took him a while to realise that he wasn’t alone…


The turtle with the pretty blue shell was interested in this rather gloomy looking guy. She asked who he was and why he didn’t look very happy. Timmy replied that he often felt lonely. He had no one to talk to and the days could seem rather long.


The turtle with the pretty blue shell replied that she had a simple solution for his problem – they should become friends. She told him that her name was Tamara, she loved to play games and that she was nearly always cheerful.


Timmy was a little unsure about this idea of becoming friends – he’d never had a friend before and had no idea how to play games.

But Tamara wasn’t put off. She showed him how to play hide and seek.


Timmy was surprised to find that he quite enjoyed games. As he thanked Tamara, he asked if she’d like to share some leaves with him.


As they chatted over lunch they found that they had more in common than they first thought. Timmy enjoyed having someone to talk to. And Tamara loved cheering Timmy up. She found that she could even make him smile!


After a while they decided it was time to go – but this time Timmy did not walk off alone, he had a good friend by his side.


P.S. In case you missed it yesterday, this lovely pattern was found at Little Muggles. Go and make some lovely turtles of your own!

Timmy the Turtle


I had a lovely day with my lovely friend Helen yesterday. We watched kids films, chatted, ate chocolate and crocheted – bliss! I started on a pattern I found here at Little Muggles and managed to finish him off this afternoon.



He was a little shy to begin with, but soon came out to say hello.


He was fascinated by the plant, from the roots…

DSCN5615 the flowers.


He thought the leaves were very tasty.


Isn’t he a cutie? I decided to call him Timmy and I already have plans for a girl turtle to keep him company – any suggestions for girl turtle names will be most welcome 🙂

Mother’s day flowers


It’s been a quiet blog week, but a busy craft week! I’ve been making all sorts of crochet goodies, but unfortunately it’s been so gloomy I haven’t been able to take any good pictures yet.

In the meantime I thought I’d show you a pretty little pot of flowers I was given this morning. Every Mother’s day all the ladies at church are given flowers, whether they’re a mum or not.


Very pretty and perfect for brightening up the gloom a little!

I didn’t have a pretty pot the right size to put them in, so I popped it into a cup instead.


And here’s the card I made Mum…


So simple to make (I stuck the buttons on with glue dots) and completely buttony!

Spring flower wreath


About a month ago Jill posted about a lovely flower wreath she made. Isn’t it pretty?


It got me thinking about my own wreath. I’ve had one on the door for the last few years and my original intention was to change it every season. However, the last time I changed it was probably November 2011 – oops!


It didn’t really bother me as it was mostly made of food (dried apples, oranges and chillies and cinnamon sticks) which seemed fitting for a kitchen door!



But it really was time for a change, so I got busy making a whole host of crochet flowers. I made some large and medium sized roses


…some teeny tiny flowers


and some micro flowers (that’s the little dark yellow one in this picture) .


My plan was to completely cover the wreath in flowers, but as I started playing around with them I realised that I liked seeing the wreath and ribbon so decided to leave some spaces. As a result I have quite a few flowers left over – any ideas what I can do with them?!

I didn’t really plan where each flower went, just tied one on to start and went from there! As I made each flower I left long tails and used these to tie them in place.


I made a simple chain loop to hang it from, then covered the knot with a few more flowers.


And here it is in place, hanging on the kitchen door.


I just love it – it makes me grin every time it catches my eye!



I’ve had blog posts running through my head all week, but no time to write them down. Now it’s Saturday and I have all the time in the world and the words have run out! So instead of words, I thought I’d give you some pictures of what I got up to in February.

I enjoyed some early (and very short lived) signs of spring.

Feb 20133 signs of spring

I made my first ever crochet necklace. It’s still on my desk and I just love looking at it!

Feb 20132 crochet necklace

I made a cover for my journal.

Feb 20134 journal cover

I whipped up a super quick baby boy blanket.

Feb 20135 baby boy blanket

I’ve also been working on another project since the beginning of the new year, but I’m making it as a birthday present, so I won’t be able to show you for another couple of months.

What have you been up to this month?