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A day at the beach


Today was the day for our annual Sunday school trip. The last few years we’ve visited the beach at Exmouth, but this year decided to go to Charmouth which is a little closer. Leaving home I was very pesimistic – there were big grey clouds and very little blue sky. But the closer I got to the beach the sunnier it got – hurrah!

I love these houses stacked up on the hill (although I was glad I was driving rather than walking up these hills on my way home!)

We had only been there about 2 minutes before the kids were digging holes and racing the waves. We had a picnic and then some of the kids (with some adult supervision) went fossil hunting. I decided to stay where I was, on my patchwork picnic blanket…

…reading a lovely mag.

I made the picnic blanket a couple of years ago entirely from charity shop finds. The backing is made from a tablecloth, the pink squares are from a shirt and the white and yellow squares are from skirts. And of course, it is topped off with some of my favourite buttons 🙂

The best bit of the day – enjoying time with fantastic friends, and lots of cuddles with a gorgeous Baby Girl. The worst bit of the day – sunburn! I remembered my suncream, but I’m still looking pretty rosy!

Crochet chain


I have to say, I’m loving these crochet chains!

These ones are skinny (half the width of the first ones I made) and are therefore even quicker to make 🙂

I still need to finish the end ones (sew in the ends and add a button) but I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out so far.

And now I’m off to spend the afternoon with a lovely Little Girl and her Big Brothers – I love days like this!


A splash of colour


Good evening all! How are you? I’ve had a great day – we had sports day at school and all the kids were great. Even better, my team won! I can’t really take any credit for that, but I did feel really proud of the kids in my group who tried so hard in their races and were brilliant at cheering their team members on.

Anyway, I’ve had a few free minutes to make more chains.

Don’t they look lovely and colourful?

I think I’ll make just a couple more before linking them all together. And I had a great suggestion from Mo (aka TwinkleToes) – they’d be great Christmas decorations in festive colours! I’d better get started now before I lose interest 🙂

A lovely June afternoon


Now this is how June should be…

…beautiful blue skies, fluffy white clouds and the sun shining on my back. Bliss! I made the most of the sun this afternoon (you never know how long it’s going to hang around) by taking a long planned project into the garden.

Now I don’t know about you, but I often have ideas flitting around in my mind. Some of them are just passing thoughts – they fly in one ear and out the other barely leaving an impression. Others burst in out of nowhere and demand to be dealt with straight away. And some come quietly and nestle on the edges of my mind, growing and developing over time. This was one of those ideas.

I’ve had some bare pin boards and small tester tubs of paint for a while now. I had plans for them, and decided that as soon as it was sunny I’d work on them in the garden (I’m much less likely to make a mess of things if I’m outside and have a little more space!) However, I had this thought just as the rain set in. And even though there have been a couple of sunny spells they have never been at the right times.

And all the time I was waiting for sun the initial Idea grew and changed. It’s now got to the point where it’s quite different to how it started. My pin boards (originally intended to be covered in book pages and fabric) will now be display boards.

You see, I’ve been thinking about this upcoming fair where I’ll be selling my wares (as long as I get my act together and make some wares to sell!) and thinking particularly about how to display said wares. And these boards popped into my mind – with a little work they will become a pretty, self standing unit.

Now the edges are painted I’m going to cover the cork with pretty paper. Then I’m going to attach some tiny hinges – the boards will open and close like a book! I’ll be able to close them up when transporting them around, then open them ready to display…well, I’m sure I’ll think of something to display on them.

Let me tell you now about one of those Make Me NOW ideas.

Last night I decided to get out my crochet hook. I’ve not really done any all week and wanted a quick start-and-finish-in-an-evening project. I started googling around for inspiration and came across some beautiful crochet garlands. This caught my imagination, and I looked at hearts, flowers, stars, circles, snowflakes and all sorts of other variations and combinations. But the fact is, there is just too much choice. I couldn’t decide what to make! But after a little more scrolling through I found something brilliant…

Crochet ‘paper’ chains!

I love paper chains. They’re one of my favourite things to make with kids as they are easy to do and can be decorated and adapted for just about any occasion you can think of. And crochet chains just seemed like a brilliant idea!

There were no patterns (that I could find, but I didn’t look very hard) but they were super easy to make – I just whipped up 26 rows of 6 htr. Easy peasy!

I sewed each of the ends together making sure that each loop was attached to the previous one before I did so. The loops on the end are a little different though – I added a button hole and button so it can be undone and hooked around a curtain rail, or banisters, or anything else you can think of!

Each loop only took 5 – 10 mins to complete. I’ve really got the bug for it now, and have started on a skinny chain – will show you progress tomorrow 🙂

One hundred


Good afternoon and welcome to my 100th post! Thanks for sticking around for so long and reading my crafty ramblings 🙂

In celebration of my 100th post I have finished my order for 100 buttons. I have to say, I hadn’t really planned this, but it’s a happy coincidence.

When I started this morning I had 42 more buttons to cover. I had 12 circles ready cut with tiny buttons sewn on and ready to go. I cut 20 circles from my new tablecloth, then made up the numbers with circles from other fabrics. Here they are in my ‘finished’ tin…

…and tipped out in a mini button mountain!

Let’s have a closer look, but be warned – there are a lot of photos!

I’ve mostly had fun making them (apart from pushing the backs on which made my hands sore) but I’m glad they’re finished at last!

Beautiful bargain


After quite a time spent in procrastination this morning, I’m pleased to announce that I did actually get some work done – eventually. My major sources of distraction this morning were pretty blogs. The big problem with blogs is that they often link to others. So I’ll be reading through a post and click on a link for another pretty blog. That next blog will also have several links to blogs I’ve never seen before, and before you know it I’ve spent all morning drooling over gorgeous projects and not a scrap of work has been done. I’m guessing that I’m not the only one with this problem (am I?!) and that pretty blogs probably contribute fairly substantially to procrastination levels worldwide.

Anyway, I managed to drag myself away from the distractions long enough to mostly plan Sunday school before I went out for my meeting. And as a reward for actually getting something productive done I stopped in town on my way home to browse through charity shop goodies.

Charity shops have not always been my favourite places – I never liked (and am still not particularly keen on) the smell of them as a child, but I’ve got over that now as I realise there can be some fantastic finds if you spend a little time looking. My bargain today came from the bottom of a crate of linen goods, mostly napkins and table runners. I came across a bundle of 3 napkins with pretty embroidery in the corner. They would have been perfect for making some buttons from, but at £2 for 3 they were more than I can afford right now. I put them back and carried on rummaging and found the greatest bargain – a small tablecloth for £1.20!

And it’s just covered in embroidery!

Each corner has the same design, but in different colours – purple…




I love these little flowers which are dotted around.

There are one or two small stains in places, but as I’ll be cutting it up for buttons it really doesn’t matter to me. There may even be one or two other projects that come out of this beauty – I’m just waiting for inspiration to hit!

It’s whizzing around in the washing machine right now, and I’ll give it a good old iron before I get started on cutting it up. In some respects it’s a bit of a shame to ‘vandalise’ it with scissors, but I figure it’s better to make use of things in a new format rather than let them sit unloved and gathering dust elsewhere.

(By the way, blame the photo quality on the weather – it’s so gloomy all the time at the moment that I’m finding it really hard to get a good picture!)

Another gorgeous giveaway


May I draw your attention to a completely fabulous giveaway – Fee of Chipper Nelly makes the most gorgeous wooden blocks (amongst other things) and is celebrating 200 followers with a great giveaway! Go and have a look – I promise you won’t be disappointed with what you see.

In other news, I’m worriedly watching my washing on the line as I type this – it’s crazily windy and I have visions of my laundry ending up in a tree or something. It’s also looking very grey and gloomy and like it might rain. Again. Hurrah for British summertime!

I’m also busily procrastinating (which is why I’m looking at giveaways and telling you about them!) as I should be preparing for school/Sunday school before I go out for a meeting. I really should go…

…but I’ll probably check in again later for a little more procrastination! Enjoy your day 🙂